Closing a Chapter, Beginning a New One :: Saturn Square Uranus

The aspect between these two that began in the early part of 2021 is coming to a close this month. Certainly the reverberations will be felt for years but this is the peak season that will last through most of October 2022.

While the issues and topics that are unfolding may have expressed themselves over the last year and a half, the deeper context is related to a longer period of time. Saturn and Uranus last formed an opposition to one another in 2009. While I find the square much more contentious, a similar pattern is coming to light. Do not hesitate to look back to this time period and see if there are reverberations now.

The ideological versus the practical. The staunch conservatism versus the indomitable visionary. Old versus new. Technology versus the natural world.

While the word ‘versus’ may have a negative connotation, this is not necessarily the case. The challenges that each polarity pose actually represent innumerable possibilities for growth, change, improvement, and expansion.

The key to managing this time period is to find a way to learn from your opposition or challenging forces. What does shadow tell you about light?
What does your past tell you about your future?
What does hate tell us about love?
What does greed tell us about sharing?

In my estimation, there was no way the world at large was going to get this last two years right. That isn’t what this time is about. The majority of the world runs on hubris and punishment as opposed to humility and compassion. So then, we learn, what has happened because of this old way of doing things? How is it impeding our path towards a future where differences bring us together?

The highest expression of Saturn Uranus is to bridge the disparate. Is to take what is known to be true and expound upon it until… perhaps… maybe it is not! To take the existing comfort zones and alchemize them into a new undiscovered territory to be explored and learned from.

When planetary energies of such power combine and interact, we all experience the expression of both simultaneously. When we look at social movements, knowing that every group and nation is interdependent, we can see that some groups play the role of one planet more than the other. However, on a personal level, we all struggle and dance with the combination of the two. For more information on how this transit lands in your Natal Chart and impacts your life, reach out for a session with James.

So where then, in your life, is the past coming to the surface, begging to be folded back into the now. How are you alchemizing your traumas, memories, and lost fragments into a new way of being?

The Social Dynamic

On a grand social scale, we see the domineering power of money. Those with a lot of it, often due to their family of origin, continuing to take more and more for themselves and their desires. Repeating the same processes over and over because… well, it works for them. If something made you rich, doing it more intensely at more of a fee or benefit is a great choice. This is an example of a comfort zone crying out for alchemical transformation. In this example, the uber rich are Saturn, the backbone of an imbalanced system. The comfort with which this exorbitant and excess exists is disturbing to a large majority of fellow citizens. Thus, those who have ‘less’ or perhaps struggle to have enough become the representation of Uranus or the renegade/revolutionary.

If the two sides cannot remedy their issues, soon enough the Uranian will rise up and challenge the comfort zone of the Saturn structure. On a social level, this is the energy of revolution, and hopefully, for all of our sakes, cooler heads and new systems will evolve and prevail. Otherwise, we are looking at the dismantling of Saturn/structure at the very core of our society through unpredictable and potentially dangerous means… Uranus.

I am not taking sides here, but if we look at the events of January 6, the so called ‘insurrection’ at the capital (I more balk at the media coverage and salacious reporting than anything, as they escalate the entire situation) we see an example of this. People, no matter how ill witted or poorly guided, who were seemingly fed up with the way that things were working. This, to me is a symbol of Uranus, the rising tide that says, ‘I don’t care, this just has to stop’. The goal of the Uranian uprising to is grab everyone’s attention all at once! To this end, i’d say the event was effective. Uranian activations don’t generally feel very organized or intentional, they are more the initial spark or explosions that begin a cavalcade of changes and discussions.

Now we have to maintain order (Saturn). We can’t just let groups of people break into places and disrupt orderly business (square from Uranus). So to this end, it is important that we look at how easy it was for this to happen. An angry mob/Uranus has pointed to weaknesses in the existing structure/Saturn. From there, we shore up the weak points. To completely dismiss this event and continually investigate the reasons and motivations is an overly analytical and logical approach that will only increase the likelihood of similar breaches. The overemphasis on punitive measures and lack of self reflection inherent to Western (and most world) governments is seen here (very Saturn). ‘You’ve done wrong, how dare you violate this sacred space of honorable work!’. The same energy of entrenched Saturn is expressed by those who wave a flag and expect you to respect it. They forget that the flag doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. Another example of this tragically mindless yet stubborn energy is the reverence held for the Constitution. The founding principles are important, no doubt. What is also more important, currently, is whether or not they are helpful, applicable, and useful in today’s world. In this way, Uranus is attempting to modernize the old structures.

In the case of January 6th, this is a clear indication that there is a group of people that does not trust the system that exists. I mean, can you blame them? The marginalized portions of society have been bludgeoned with rhetoric and circumstance that is, at times, almost impossible to overcome. Restricting movement, closing down small businesses, reducing income, and rising prices were bound to wake up those who, prior to this, were barely getting by. If this event were completely ignored or seen as a ‘bad guys attacking the good guys’ we will certainly have more instances.

Saturn needs to listen to Uranus without getting wrapped up in ideological movements. Perhaps we shouldn’t be breaking down the doors of the workplaces of government officials. From the other angle, perhaps we shouldn’t be punishing people for trying to survive and be heard (global crackdowns on peaceful protesting). Perhaps the lack of peace (Uranian high ideal) isn’t due to a lack of enforcement and rules (Saturn). Perhaps the lack of peace is actually caused by the restrictive, imbalanced, and limiting nature of the existing rules, laws, and structures.

To finish the discussion on January 6th, the American government would be wise to consider why people would want to do this. If they were to consider the planetary energies of Uranus and Saturn, they would look to the core of the issues motivating the break in, then seek to potentially shift legislation to manage and alleviate some of the pressures motivating the action. Uranus has a way of escalating quickly. Attempts to squash or arrest everyone involved (much like the ‘war’ on terror) has a way of awakening even more resistance. Like telling a hungry child they can’t eat until they clean up… you are playing with fire and probably aren’t going to get what you want.

Personal Uranus Saturn Activation

So as we consider this, how does this play out within our own lives? What are you comfortable with? How can you listen to the disruptive energies (Uranus) coming your way and allow them to not-so-subtly interject and enlighten you to the imbalances or weaknesses in your patterns or structure (Saturn).

Over the last two years, have you gone off and followed the angry pitchfork wielding masses in ideological attempts to squash, silence and arrest the opposition? Whether it is around politics, relationships, vaccination, masks, policing, etc… have you become wrapped up in the movement so much that you have forgotten to see each person with compassion?

Over the last two years, have you simply disregarded all attempts to discuss things? Have you found yourself with an ever shrinking group of like minded people?

There is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ in any of this. However, the more intense the expression of the polarity, the further out of balance we have become. October is a time to reconsider some of these exploits. Did you really want to be as reactive as you were? Did you spend too much time isolating and removing people from your life? Have the ideological pursuits interfered with your ability to build a stable community?

The good news is, this is true for all of us to some extent. The healing that is necessary starts from within. The systemic separation of oneself from entire groups of people is not sustainable but to some degree we all either were forced, coerced, or chose to do it in the last few years.

Forgiveness is key, but it’s not that easy this time.

We have to actually change what we do and how we do things. A prayer and a wish feel good but accomplish nothing if not accompanied by changing your actions. Just like a shot doesn’t make you healthier if you still consume toxic chemicals and don’t get adequate exercise, social time, and sunlight.

Look Deeper

Sparks in the dark. Visions in the night.
Flashes of undeniable insight.
The very foundations upon which we exist,
are currently exposing, where they are amiss.
To ignore these calls, to ignore these whispers,
is merely self sabotage, inviting disaster.
The whims of the universe are aligned,
to bring light to the shadows and expression to the divine.
We cannot imagine a time and space,
where our hearts desires are fully in place
Lest we put down the burdens of righteous mentality
and engage the world with childlike vulnerability.
To be right or wrong is to contact and reduce
To bring light and practice love is to heal the abuse
We perpetrate on our minds with haughty needless pride
While we doubt every step and tear ourselves down inside…
Step out of the way and pay close attention
To the patterns being lit up that you may be scared to mention
The habits don’t break from repeating the cycle
We change from within and invite in the miracles.

The changes needed are foundational, and might even seem irrational. Especially when compared to the backdrop of what we know. So I say, try to forget what you think you know. Try to ignore all of the old patterning and just take a look at what is actually possible.

The last few years have caused us to fracture and split, time to reconnect to the self. Through fierce and humble expression of that emerging self, we find clarity and community.

James Ray – Master Astrologer / Intuitive Guide

James uses his intuitive gifts, wisdom, and empathy to create a supportive healing environment. He speaks the language of astrology in ways that are practical and responsible, enabling you to benefit deeply from each session. Sessions with James are an opportunity to be seen and supported with energy healing, channeled messages and astrological expertise. Through conversation and dialogue, James will guide you towards your deepest self love.


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