Mercury oppose Neptune

This aspect is active until October 5th 2022.

We are being drawn into the new, the mysterious, the unknown.

Pulled out of our usual patterns and challenged to stay focused on our rituals.

There isn’t much that is necessary, often we can only realize this once the superfluous is removed from possibility. Whether by distraction or blockage, Neptune is obscuring the habitual path.

There is space available on the inner plane. It doesn’t exactly breed a sense of security. With inner calm, however, this time fosters broad peace and the bliss of existence.

Is we focus too heavily on the mental pursuits, we may find ourselves going nowhere. The trip may be fun, but at the end you may be tired with not much to show for it. Allow yourself to explore beyond what your mind can conceive.

Timing is divine, and Mercury opposite Neptune will ensure of that. The right people, in the right place, at the right time. In this way, there is something quite fated about the aspect. As Neptune disperses the oft direct and pointed energy of Mercury, the randomness and perfection of the ‘bigger’ plan is inevitable. Through the efforts of Neptune alone, there is no boundary or substance to build into the world. With Mercury alone, the efforts to create can be ego driven and derivative. With both together, their is the balanced combination to maintain just enough connection to manifest. With a strong flush of divine inspiration, what is created leads us into new fields, habits, patterns, and freedoms.

Check with your intuition before making decisions. Allowing the mind to have too much influence may have you over analyzing. From time to time, just check in with yourself.

Thoughts, visions, and mental pursuits can be far reaching and less than reality based. Enjoy but keep this in mind.

Be careful with your words and your purchases. When is doubt, lean towards the practical choice.

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