Astrology of a Queen… Elizabeth Windsor 4/21/1926 – 9/8/2022

As a Queen, this individual is likely to stir strong feelings in millions if not billions of people worldwide. In this writing, I am not interested in discussing her actions as much as the potentials expressed in the chart and how they indicate this royal lifestyle and all that goes along with it.

When someone is in such a position of prominence, it is inevitable that they will be both lauded and attacked for everything that they do. One thing is for sure, this person lived a long and impactful life and has now transitioned. We can all celebrate in that, as we are on a similar journey. May the transition from physical to non physical be full of everything that she needs.

Natal Chart Aspects

Mars Conjunct Jupiter – simply put, this combination is impact! The type of thing you feel when around someone, a general air of importance or influence. With this combo, it doesn’t take much to shift the energies in the room or the feelings of those around you. This can also indicate a ‘hot headedness’ at times. Without discipline, this can lead to overdoing it with substances, physical activities, sexual expression, and general action taken with considering consequences. When handled with discipline, this aspect can indicate a wonderful leader that knows when to be strong and when to simply observe and take things in. The question here is, are you obsessed with influence or judicious with your power?
* In the case of Elizabeth, this aspect is in opposition to Neptune and square to Saturn

**Opposite Neptune – This power and influence is brought to the level of the dreamworld. In its less conscious form, this could be an overdose or complete lack of connection to the physical world. In a more refined sense, if the cards fall right, a person could become an inspirational and other worldly figure. Challenged by their own power and influence (Mars Jupiter) by the lofty ideals and disorienting energy of being the Queen (Neptune realm).

**Square Saturn – Jupiter and Neptune are keys to opening opportunity but on their own can simply be a good feeling with little connection to reality. In Elizabeth’s chart, we see Saturn on the Midheaven creating a T-square to Jupiter/Mars and Neptune. This person was built to have both the energy (Mars Jupiter) and the spiritual constitution (Neptune) to be in a public position of power and influence (Saturn on Midheaven). Saturn gave her the tools and practical abilities to climb the ladder and end up in the seat of control. A deeply sobering aspect when compared to the Neptune Jupiter opposition, and I would say, the perfect balance if you wanted to activate the potential of the Jupiter Neptune Opposition in the real world. This square is quite sobering and may even indicate a sadness or lack of self worth. Many who approach her have bad or hidden intentions (Pluto trine Venus would read this like a book). The key to this person’s success is to find people they can trust, keep tight boundaries, and have these trusted people help with activities that do not suit them. Discernment and delegation.

Jupiter Opposite Neptune – potential and opportunity. This is a dreamy aspect that extends the impactful Mars/Jupiter energy out into the world. If handled with focus, one can reach pretty lofty heights in whatever they choose. At its highest it is a spiritual leader that feeds their people with love, compassion, and guidance. At its lowest the person is lost in delusions of grandeur and seeks to eliminate challengers by wielding such power (Mars Jupiter). The key to this aspect is to find a way to ground oneself. The infinite spiritual wisdom available to us is not always helpful in our day to day lives. This person is not afraid to challenge something that they believe is off. Their advances and biggest ideas sometimes end up just echoing down a long hallway, as people don’t know how to take it. Elizabeth’s aspect to Saturn could not be more perfect for enabling her to use this energy to become someone of influence, riches, and power on this planet. Saturn is the reality check.

Venus Trine Pluto – from Robert Pelletier’s book ‘Planets in Aspect’ “You have a quality that is essential to success — you believe in yourself and in the potentials of others. Your basic integrity is solidly founded. You could make a substantial contribution to society through government service or political activity.” Is there really much more to say about this and Queen Elizabeth? Well yes, Robert goes on “It would be difficult for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes because you are keenly perceptive of dishonesty”. This takes it even further… “Whatever course you follow in your private and your professional life, you will be amply rewarded for your efforts…This aspect usually means that you will inherit something, and it is almost certain that you will be named in someone’s will…”
This is a passion for business and understanding investment, whether in love or finance. A quick intuitive flush through the body when someone is speaking. Especially keen to when something is out of whack. If, for instance, someone is trying to sell a product that they don’t believe in. With this aspect, you can sense the cracks in the pitch, argument, example, or debate. You don’t ‘win’ with these folks… they have tremendous power and persuasion.

Moon Quincunx Venus – there is a need to value oneself. This person must set boundaries with those who seek to take from them. There is something incompatible between sense of self worth and the worth we hold. If we are not careful, we end up empty. If we handle it well, we are a well guarded yet influential person with deep emotional reserves and concerns. This aspect would be helpful to Elizabeth in navigating the treacherous (although opulent and privileged) life as Royalty. Basically, you have to learn to take care of the amazing bounty you’ve been given, and to use it judiciously without losing touch with your own needs.

One thing is for sure, this person was wealthy in more ways than one. The longer she lived, the more wealth she would inevitably accumulate. Properties all over the world, gold, jewelry, antiques, land, companies, and perhaps even the hearts of the people around her.

Her greatest gift within the Royal Family would have been her ability to stay real, focused, and grounded in the face of so much projection. Mars in relation to Saturn, Venus in relation to Pluto were substantive enough to help ground and stay realistic amidst the wilds of the Royal Family.

Reign as Queen

On Feb. 5, 1952, Princess Elizabeth went to bed in a tree hut nestled in Kenya’s Aberdare National Park and awoke the next day as the Queen of England. The King had died in the night, making her Queen.

Reign as Queen Begins- February 6th 1952

Venus opposite Pluto 0.25 ° – inheritance
Sun conjunct Mars / Jupiter 3° and 5° (exact within days) – rise to power
Pluto conjunct Neptune 1.5° – metamorphosis
Uranus conjunct Pluto 2° – surprising shift in influence
Jupiter trine Moon 0.5° – alignment with higher purpose
Jupiter square Pluto 1.25° – beginning of a great journey
Saturn square Pluto 2° – beginning of massive responsibility

Coronation as Queen – June 2nd 1953

Venus conjunct Chiron / Sun Exact and 2° – feeling it all, being seen in a positive light
Neptune square Nodes 0.75° – multidimensional realignment of soul path, recovering missing pieces
Neptune trine Jupiter 1.5° – reaching unfathomable heights
Neptune trine Mars 1.5° – experiencing otherworldly power and energy
Saturn square Nodes 0.75° – life path readjustment, karmic alignment
Saturn trine Mars Exact – installment of a new way
Saturn trine Jupiter 1.5° – opportunities through effort, power and influence
Chiron conjunct South Node 0.1° – healing old wounds
Mars / Mercury Trine Jupiter Exact (June 1st and 2nd) – attention, business, notoriety
Moon conjunct Mars / Jupiter (both exact midday) – feeling it all

Final Day(s)

Anyone that lives there life will be venerated and also vilified, this is none of my concern. I am looking for astrological indicators of challenges to vitality.

Elizabeth was 96 years old, certainly a long and fulfilling life. While there isn’t really an explanation needed for someone passing after such a time, let’s look at the astrological factors around the day of departure.

Mercury Rx opposite Mercury 4°
Jupiter Rx conjunct Mercury 1.5°
Neptune trine Saturn 0.15°
Saturn conjunct Mars 0.75°
Moon conjunct Mars Exact
Saturn quincunx NNode Exact
Uranus square Mars 2°
Sun opposite Venus 2°
Mars square Venus 3°

Without researching any health challenges that this 96 year old woman was facing, there are a few elements here that would likely exacerbate those challenges.

Mercury opposition natal Mercury whilst Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury… To an aging mind, this is a heck of a challenge. This was likely to have been a tough one to take on. Thoughts and communications are simultaneously deepened and intensified. Dementia, confusion, lack of focus, poor blood circulation or excessive circulation (bleeding) could exist at this time. In addition, this aspect was only headed for exactitude. Meaning that this only getting worse over the next six weeks.

Saturn quincunx North Node… this is an uncomfortable adjustment of the soul path through the structure of life. An opportunity to transform but only through physical or mundane experience. A good time to go, some might say. Not without leaving your final lessons.

Neptune trine Saturn... a time when boundaries are dissolved. The difference between awake and asleep can be blurred. Interventions and drugs during this time can have dire consequences as sensitivities are enhanced. This time indicates a certain level of spiritual growth. A healthy body can certainly handle this and work through challenges. An ageing body on the brink of leaving would have ample opportunity to do so. Breathing could be challenged or labored.

Saturn conjunct Mars… this transit is a physical challenge (Saturn) to the body (Mars). During a transit like this, an existing fracture may worsen or heal. This would exacerbate all physical maladies to a serious degree. Challenges to one’s breathing, heartbeat, nervous system, circulation are all within reason. I believe that this transit, in conjunction with the moon, were indicative of a her passing on. Occuring at 10AM EST.

An Errant Tweet?

*** A tweet went out at this time, stating that the Queen had passed, later being removed saying that it was an error. Only to announce her death three hours later.
If we look at the astrology, she likely did leave her body at the time of the tweet. The Royal Family and doctors would have felt inclined to try to keep her alive. Having access to the best and perhaps most inventive medical care around, they likely tried for a while to revive her. During that time period, the moon was moving from her Mars placement towards her Jupiter. It is likely that anyone involved would have felt an almost unrealistic sense of hope and optimism in her presence as this lunar transit one last time triggered the Magical Aspect of Jupiter opposite Neptune in her natal chart. Right around the time that this transit passed, they made an official announcement of her passing.

What an interesting Life

I am not here to take the time to eulogize an individual that I have never met. I know that the Queen has her legions of supporters and haters. To this I say, enjoy your passions. For myself, everyone here on Earth is playing a role. When someone dies, it is time to let go and release what we feel. Whether it is rage or honor, that is part of grieving. From my perspective, the actions taken in any lifetime are to be repaid or cashed in by the individual who has taken them. So, whatever you think she was up to, that is between her Soul and the Universe.

I have no allegiance to any world leader, that is not my style. So to Elizabeth, I will say this…
You played an important role in the lives of millions if not billions of people. Within you position and standing, you did your best to appear as something other than human. You were, however, quite human, with your addictions, habits, pains and secrets. Not many people would have the constitution to handle the influence you wielded or observed. So, thank you! I certainly don’t want to be a Queen, sounds like a hell of a lot of work. Enjoy your journey, wherever you go from here. I hope, at least, it’s restful and you can have some privacy.

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