Full Moon August 11th :: Saturn’s Presence

A full moon in opposition to Saturn brings up some serious issues. The types of things that we have to truly focus on and invest in to shift or change. Some of these things are simply hard realities. Situations that just are what they are. This is how Saturn helps us foster discipline. In many cases, the circumstances that bother us the most are the ones that we have zero power over.

It can be much easier to simply change something than it is to accept it. Some things, we cannot change. Contracts of all types are this way. They are binding and inflexible. If you don’t like the lease you signed, it may be almost impossible to get out of it, so generally you ride it until the end. You make the best of it, you change your approach to your relationship to the lease itself.

Saturn’s presence is the strongest influencer of this full moon.
Above I speak about the challenges, but what are the inherent benefits of this moon?

Saturn has a way of clearing up miscommunication. There is a general air of ‘no bullshit’ around Saturn. Hard truths may be ‘hard’ because of how we hide from them or delude ourselves. Saturn ensures that this doesn’t happen. Burning questions that seem to be surrounded by confusion may suddenly clear up during this moon. That is Saturn’s influence stifling the rising tides and assisting in understanding what is real and can stand on its own. If anything, the moon and Saturn are working in concert to ensure that ‘only the strong survive’. Try not to take this too literally, and think of it more as allegory.

What emotional patterns and mental habits are built on a solid foundation of truth? Those will survive and take new form, strong and resilient. The storylines that are drama and distraction will likely show their face just to be drowned and dissolved in the swirling pools of the Saturnian moon.

So clarity! With clarity of intent and belief comes an entire world of possibility. We might just have the strength, as we free ourselves from unnecessary entanglements with pioneering courage, to push on, to carry on, to take on the challenges.

The weight that you once carried will be but a vestige of your former self. You move freely and grounded towards a realistic, practical, and stable future.

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