What’s the deal with a Full Moon?

There are two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Luminaries literally mean that they ‘light things up’. On a clear night, I can still hike without my headlamp if the moon is full or close to it. This light is actually the reflected light of the Sun. During the height of the full moon, the Earth is actually receiving more light than usual. Still dwarfed in comparison to the Sun itself, the lunar light changes the flow of things. Life becomes a little bit more, well, lively.

Humans and our complicated bodies have circadian rhythms. Light during the day, predominantly dark at night helps us achieve balance between activity and rest. Any and all light during the evening has a way of waking up the part of us that customarily rests and rejuvenates (which are both relatively passive exercises, not needing our input). The more light that exists during the evening, the more ‘rest’less we become. Thus the full moon activates us within the parts that are used to being at peace and inactive.

So not only does the full moon bring more energy to us, it also brings energy and expression to the times, spaces, and places that don’t usually activate. This, to me, represents opportunities. Like a new angle and perspective on things. An exaggeration of the Solar energy through the Lunar lens, talk about valuable. In my experience, nothing facilitates learning better than a refreshing perspective.

Traditionally we see groups and cultures digging in and bonding during the full moon. Expressing that energy. Using it to delve deeper into socializing and connection, ritual and medicine use. This makes sense, it can be disorienting to keep it ‘mundane’ during the height of light.

Solar expressions as lunar reflections shining bright through the night.

The moon represents a safe place for us to reflect and consider. During the full moon cycle, there is an intensity that is somewhat antithetical to safety and reflection. Not for the faint of heart, and probably best in a shared or communal environment. Cathartic and social activities assist us in processing the intensity.

If one is in search of a deep and lively inner journey, the full moon is a great time. What is uncovered will be far reaching and will leave an impact for some time. Again, if this is your choice, know what you are getting into. You are opening the proverbial can of worms, so be ready to be diligent and steadfast in the weeks to come.

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