What’s the deal with a Full Moon?

There are two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Luminaries literally mean that they ‘light things up’. On a clear night, I can still hike without my headlamp if the moon is full or close to it. This light is actually the reflected light of the Sun. During the height of the full moon, the … Continue reading What’s the deal with a Full Moon?

Interventions as Opportunities, not Salvation

Sometimes we need interventions. A shot or a pill, these things can be very helpful. While they are useful in the short term and create a safe space for us during compromised times, they cannot be relied on. We must be willing to face the underlying reasons for our compromised states, and if possible, do … Continue reading Interventions as Opportunities, not Salvation

Don’t Push

Beware of attempting to understand another. Although you may be fascinated by the workings of another's mind or their actions, it is neither your job or right to dissect them. Understanding comes through time, through cycles, through experience. When you allow an individual to be in full flow in front of you, unfolding in all … Continue reading Don’t Push