Don’t Push

Beware of attempting to understand another. Although you may be fascinated by the workings of another’s mind or their actions, it is neither your job or right to dissect them.

Understanding comes through time, through cycles, through experience. When you allow an individual to be in full flow in front of you, unfolding in all of their confusing and seemingly chaotic ways.

When we ask pointed questions towards another, or ask them to explain their statements or feelings, we enter a different kind of connection. Perhaps the person doesn’t know why they feel the way that they do. Perhaps they have no idea why they are so triggered. Life is a powerful medicine journey, there is mystery that is constantly unfolding, unveiling new mystery. At the base of it, our expression is our utmost truth. In fact, it is the unspoken expression that is most pure and powerful.

Words lack the nuance and universality of BEINGness. If one fosters a practice of mindfulness (which we all do to our own personal extent) than that being is a perfect mystery within all moments. To beg for more, for deeper knowing is valid, but what you find is somehow inauthentic and influenced by your attachment. Not only this, but words do fall short in describing or portraying the vast and wonderful inner world. The richness and sweetness of being cannot be directly translated into words. Well, you can attempt to, but the process has many pieces lost in translation.


Love, for instance, is more than a four letter word. It is more than a hug, it is more than a helping hand, it is more than financial support. Challenging times within my life have led me to understand that love is radically different from moment to moment.

Love is acceptance, not just mentally, but to the deepest level that one can muster. The most difficult people and places teach us how to love. Ideally, love is an act which we observe and foster, allowing powerful energy to flow through us and flood those within our sphere of influence.

Spread love, not analysis. The mind can do wonders, but can’t even scratch the surface of the heart’s shimmery goodness.

overlight every being you meet with loving understanding by being in love with yourself

Xx We are benefited by the intense and cleansing vibration of love when we share it with others xX

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