You Belong to You

It is far too easy for each person to give their power away to the television or to a larger extent outer events in general. The evolution of mindfulness is just churning on and on. Each of us doing our part to own our experience instead of polluting the collective, asking it to BE something to FIX our internal MISGUIDED projections.
Instead, just take a deep breath and let your ideas and expectations DIE (ego death). Peace will find you once the incessant cries of a needy mental based reality give way to a deep sense of sadness and dread. It is within this dreadful place that your own personality will shine through.
It is impossible for the soul to take precedence over the chosen antics of the monkey mind. We must each personally choose our direction one by one.
Patience is key, as the journey will not move at the speed you choose, and in fact, it will challenge you to release expectant, nervous, anxious, and toxic energies.
Being present with the moment encourages the individual to keep going, to stay light hearted as one transmutes the lower dense vibrations with which the Earth has been saturated for millenia vis a vis slavery, racism, rape, etc.
Every moment matters.
When you lose touch with the wonder and freedom of spirit connection… just jump back in, no one is going to penalize of judge you, just try try again.
Spirit, unlike many anthropomorphized ‘God’ figures, has no intention of judging you or making you pay for your choices. Spirit is an omnipotent system that works for you. Without the trapping of modern right/wrong light/dark, Spirit works to unfold the creation of your choice, even if that choice is unconscious.
Question the programming, ensure that it is a willfully conscious act to move in any one direction, to have any words cross your lips, to agree to the direction of your own life.
One by one, we make a difference. For we are utterly alone. Bridging the gap in our connection to Spirit is the path towards inner peace and a sense of wholeness. Spirit can manifest in multiple ways. Trust and faith encourage the burgeoning relationship with Spirit in all it’s facets. You can build stronger bridges with trust than you can with strategy and scheming. There are no battles to be won in the outer world, only learning experiences that can guide you towards resolution with self. War itself is a symbol of the nonstop attachment to form and control. Peace becomes terrifying to those who are virally spreading hate and fear as their conscious reality. Peace seems to be a forlorn place where all goes to waste. Vulnerability is not seen as a gift by those who refuse to acknowledge their own personal divinity. The universe is not a vacuum, and when there is potential and space, something comes to fill it. When unsuspecting do-gooding citizens have never tasted the sweet release of meditation and mindfulness, their potential for divine miracles still exists, being dragged along like a deflated hot air balloon. Relief is offered in the form of consumerism, drama, and distraction from feelings that over time become packed away in dark tight places. All of these purveyors of gossip, gospel, and gravy request just a bit of your own power to receive the momentary opiate-like relief of choice. Groupthink is SAFER than being an individual! Don’t rock the boat, don’t ask for what you want, follow the rest of the herd, we will be safe this way! Not quite. The safest route within groupthink is to be ushered as sheep towards the wolves. Wealthy interests have discovered that the most profitable humans are those who are satiated and too scared to individuate. The minds that seek profit over people are simply not considering collateral damage, only bottom lines. When we mindlessly walk the ‘safe route’, we become a stopgap towards another’s unique expression.
Aha, we have figured it out. How do we transform the massive wave of mindlessness? By not being an enabler, by speaking up for yourself through choosing your own adventure. Wear your love for yourself on your sleeve, may it rub off on the subway as humanity works diligently to remember how loved they are.
In the end, never forget to be kind to others, for it will lubricate the sometimes grating process of self development. Love begets love.

sheep_in_wolf__s_clothing_by_sebreg-d4fg3n0Xx Let the concerns of your mind be replaced with the hearts love xX

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