Eclipse in Cancer July 12th :: 24 Hour Session Special

24 Hour Special for tonight’s (July 12th) New Moon Eclipse

From now until Friday the 13th (BOO) at 7PM Pacific. Use the code “ECLIPSED” at checkout to discount 25% on all regularly priced sessions and session bundles.

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Partial Solar Eclipse July 12/13 2018

Tonights eclipse is a renovation of that which you consider home. The Cancer season reaches it’s homey emotional sensitivity during the new moon under the crab. The eclipse signifies a removal of sorts, a disconnect from previous ego based (Sun) patterns. Ideally, these will be replaced with a stunning new outlook on your emotional impact within your family, community, and within yourself.

Pluto plays a cosmically significant role as this eclipse occurs opposite the most outer planet (currently) of our solar system. This indicates a depth of lessons within this moon cycle and eclipse cycle. Be on the lookout for power plays, manipulation, old worn out habits, triggers that remind you of past abuse… remember these are all chances to heal and overcome the ego through the power (pluto) over the ego (sun) and the emotional body (moon).

With Jupiter having just come out of retrograde in Scorpio, this will give the essence of Pluto a spark and a drive. You may find yourself starting new endeavors that are both inspiring and nurturing (quite a beautiful balance).

Looking to reach out for some inspiration or connection to a friend or past relationship? Well, check your intentions in doing so, and if the are in integrity and aligned with your future goals, GO FOR IT, sooner rather than later.

Xx Allow the depth of your emotions to wash you clean xX



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