Acknowledge Your Feelings

I have a lot of things that I feel right now.

Not an uncommon statement and seemingly innocuous. However, some of the most profound insights of my life began with such a statement.

The acknowledgement of oneself is just one form of love and acceptance. Without acknowledgement, we cannot begin to assess, understand, respond to, and get to know ourselves and our reality.

Perhaps the most basic and primal of affirmations “I AM” is implied with each acknowledgement of your expression and existence. Whether it is the sun on your face, or sadness in your heart, it all starts with your awareness.

So what do you feel? Can you feel it? Does it need a name? A place? A root? A cause?

Perhaps, but you will never know if you don’t take the first step, and that is to acknowledge that you feel something.

When is a good time to check in? Well, after and during pretty much any experience. Does that sound broad? Well good, it should. The internal operating system of feeling is a direct response to the ins and outs of being. Forming a relationship to this lively and dynamic feeling system puts you in the drivers seat in life.

Would you put your child on a roller coaster backwards and blindfolded? Then why would you allow the waves, undercurrents, and upheavals of energy to drive your reality without your awareness. Would you tell that child during the ride to “just keep going” to “tough it out”? I suppose that you would not.

So why then, would you ever consider to tuck feelings away? Why would you degrade your existence by refusing to acknowledge one of the most basic facets of your human operating system.

You may have reasons. Perhaps they are inconvenient, or annoying, or sad, or they slow you down. Perhaps you will feel awkward, or scared, or inadequate. It is likely that you will feel all of these things, even at the same time in fact. The truth is, feelings are as mutable as the seasons of the Northeastern United States. Rain, snow, blizzard, heat wave, it’s all gonna come and go.

In time, with acknowledgment of your feelings and feeling body, you will begin to align with the flow and perhaps even anticipate waves and undulations. That part of you from which the feelings emanates will have free reign to express itself and dissipate. It has been shown that the simple act of noticing something can change it’s course on an atomic level. Add to this that it has been shown that sending intention towards beings and water can affect their growth pattern. So how about for the moment, or perhaps even two moments, we pause, pay attention to our feelings with the intention of them integrating and teaching us how to BE more present and loving with ourselves.

Ride the Waves of Feels Mon

Praying out the Feels

As I feel that which emanates from my body mind and spirit, I acknowledge the feelings without judgement. I allow for the flow of energy to cleanse and align me. For it is in service to my higher good that these feelings exist. I have no expectation of my feelings coming or going, I honor them and their uniquely divine expression.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Azurite – noticing subtle feelings, digger deeper, intensifying emotional awareness
  2. Opal – clarity of feeling, embodying the feelings
  3. Ruby – taking responsibility, courage

Xx Honor every part of yourself xX


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