Spirals of Time

Connection is the fabric of the universe. Interwoven into every cell is the interwoven quality of existing effortlessly. The mind races and seeks qualifications for indeterminable subsets of self created categories. Spewing words and ideas, judgements and dramas until an entire reality has been constructed based off of a whim of a whim of a whim. We speak of time as if it is a reputable source of justified reality measurement. The truth is that everything changes, including time, including the concept of time. Where is one moment that doesn’t find itself infinite? Why only in memory and projection can we pretend that time is not one infinite moment. The mind must dissect and obscure the heart’s awareness that one is all and all is awesome. Still we must respect the mind boggling morphogenetic field in which we reside here on the most gracious planet Earth. There are deadlines and meeting points. Important delineations that allow us to confess our infinite stories over coffee or business or break ups or memes and snapchats. Meet you there, at the corner of now and some subset of now which is, well, let’s say a quarter past 5.

Spirals evolve from the stillness and work their way towards complete expansion. The universe itself appears to be just this, a spiral of mostly space. Much like the atom, mostly space. So hypnotic is the spiral that we study them into their infinite nothingness until we arrive at no-thing. Perhaps it’s time to consider the no-thing as the permeating thing that lingers on the tongue as no words are spoken. The inaudible yet deafening silence of the canyons of the Southwest. The sound of humidity that stifles all else. The peace that is find in a new fallen snow as you burn and churn through layers of crystallized precipitation. Why so tightly coiled? As to only hear the sounds and refuse to hear the potential of all sounds within each silent moment. Could it be that the sound of love is so pervasive that we all have desensitized to it’s infinite and ubiquitous presence? Are we swimming in the drenching humidity of love and have convinced ourselves that we are bone dry? Tune into the parched quality of the unloved pieces of your psyche, open the flood gates and allow yourself to be flooded with the infinite nothingness that is exactly what you need.

Love is not the answer, for love precedes the question. Love is the engine. It has carried a a billion souls through a billion lifetimes and requires zero maintenance. Love continues to carry on but free will has caused us to deviate. A minor detour on the way to utter wholeness, contentment, and peace.

Lost in the sea of love, forgetting we are swimming. We glean over counters and grumble from park benches. We brush against each other as we exit the subway, the office, the stadium, the arena. Sparks are flying in every direction, my Lord the light. How many sparks have to fly to ignite the masses?

Our sleeping souls sit idly by in flesh suits under the gleaning milky way. Tick tock as we watch the illusion of time, a momentary pause from the infinite moment that itself can keep us locked away forever.

The moment that the moment arrives, the soul leaps from the chest and evaporates the mind’s concept of time. So quickly that you’ll wonder how you got here… Be here now.

Xx Know that the sense of purpose seeking you simply requires you to be present xX

Cosmic Guidance Sessions

2018 is a year of retrogrades, and this doesn’t mean what you may think. No, it’s not a time to freak out or expect disaster. It is an opportunity to look, feel, and experience on a deeper level. In a retro guidance session I will take into account the specific effect of the current astrological and energetic landscape to give you the tools and tips to dance with the cosmic winds… in other words, practical advice on living during this time.

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