The Inception of Evil

Evil is quite a powerful word to throw around. In fact, it is very likely that each person reading will have a different idea or concept of what evil may mean. Horror films, fleeting thoughts in moments of anger, or actions taken by a manipulative partner… all of these things are wrapped up in the word. To simplify, let’s take a look at an expert on the topic Dr. Scott Peck…


“Evil is in opposition to life…that which opposes the life force.
Evil…is that force, residing either inside or outside of human beings, that seeks to kill life or liveliness. Goodness would be it’s opposite…that which promotes life and liveliness.”

If you are interested in this topic, please check out his book GET IT USED HERE, an oldie but a goodie. As you will see as I discuss my view on the topic, evil is inherently taboo. It’s inception is through a willful act of ignorance, pushing certain levels of awareness and potential into the unconscious world of repressions, suppression, and projection.

Simply broaching this topic is healing on all levels, as evil is a spectrum, we all have this pattern and quality living within us. Moreover, because of the nature of this wondrous universe, the macro and the micro mirror one another. Meaning that our society, our cultures, our religions, our families, our marriages, our international relations are all infected with this pattern stemming from a simple psychological habit.

There is no one exact cure-all, but you have to start somewhere. So, as this and the book begin to awaken you, just take a look at your own pattern without attempting to change anything. Be at peace with the state of the world, we are on a journey. No war against oneself will ever be victorious. Notice how your peaceful awareness breeds a level of empathy and humanity that touches everyone in your life.

The Evil-utionary Process

Again, I am going to make this as simple as I can, and if you seek to learn more, please reference Dr. Peck’s book mentioned above.

a8ee0233ca2fbf695e3665f1b803501cNot all experiences in life are pleasurable. In fact, some are downright torturous. There are moments, hours, days, even weeks or years of our lives that are filled with suffering and trauma. We face challenges from every angle. While our minds seek a static homeostasis, the infinite universe continues to shift, change, and transform. These days, the evolution of mankind, of consciousness is moving at a faster and faster rate. For whatever reason; astrology, technology, medicine, intervention from other worldly beings, etc… things are speeding up.

Times are challenging to say the least, and there is not always time and space within our day to day lives to approach and process our experience with grace and unconditional love. This is normal, and we are all entitled to be moody or lock ourselves in our room from time to time.

However, evil is a pattern that completely omits the acceptance and processing of personal responsibility, and it systematically tears down the light and will of others.

When we refuse to take responsibility for our own life, we are denying the gift of spirit’s unconditional love. To put it plainly, we are saying ‘NO’ to the inherent wisdom finding us.

We find ourselves at odds with our partner, wondering why they just ‘don’t get us’ or why they are so ‘annoying’. Instead of looking inward, we look at them and say ‘they are broken’ ‘they have a problem’. Occasionally this is exactly the case, that someone in your life does ‘have a problem’. Regardless, YOU are the one who is standing around, making some sort of excuse for why you MUST be with them or be around them. In these instances, it is up to you to take responsibility for your life circumstance and do something about it. Maybe it’s therapy, maybe it’s a sternly written letter, or perhaps it is just to take your lumps and leave the relationship altogether. For it is in succumbing to the action of an ill suited partner that YOU in fact are portraying evil against your own life force.

Most often in our world it is not the OTHER that has an issue, but it is US. Stubbornness and blindness are not that different in their outcome. Both will have us stuck in a cycle of ignorance to the intuitive solution. When I refuse to see that it is my personal sensitivities that cause me to be annoyed by my wife, I am avoiding the discomfort, pain, and possible suffering that goes along with this acceptance.

The intensity of the suffering is directly proportionate the duration of time and energy used to deny the truth of the awareness.

As Dr’ Peck states in his book and I am paraphrasing, “it is the avoidance of suffering that most often leads to the development of evil”. And here, we have our simple explanation.

I don’t want to feel it so I’ll make you do it

or at least you will try to…

Suffering, at this time in human evolution, is seemingly unavoidable. At some point, our awareness will be met with a contradicting insight to the way we thought things were. Sometimes these things are relatively inane, such as learning that you didn’t get a job, or opening the oven to find that you had burned your cake. Other situations can be life altering, like finding out that your partner has been having an affair for years, or losing a loved one with no warning or previous illness.

What these experiences have in common is that they create a state of suffering. Pain is fairly common but not all pain is suffering. The difference as shown by these examples is this… pain is an unpleasant experience, and all suffering is connected to painful experiences. However, suffering is induced by our attachment to a specific way of being or perceiving life. When the insight or ‘bad thing’ occurs, the part of us that is invested and attached to the now ‘false reality’ takes time, takes love, takes space, takes energy to fully let go and accept the new reality.

  • You were lined up to get a job. Your body relaxed at the idea of having more income and less stress over money, you mentioned to your close friends with pride that you would get the job, you even began to slack just a bit at your current workplace. Upon realizing that you didn’t receive the job, your pride, your stress, and your performance have to recalibrate.
  • You thought that the cake was going to be fluffy and delicious. Your mouth was watering, your stomach was growling, your inner child was excited. When you find out it is burned, all of these parts of you have to stop and accept the new reality, burnt cake or no cake.
  • When you discover that your partner has been having an affair, your sense of trust has been traumatized. Your expectations of the future, which may have been largely unconscious, are thrown into doubt and disarray. In fact, your positive associations to the idea of relationship may come into question and review.
  • With the loss of a loved one, no one is ever truly ready. The mind and body say “this person is here, this person is real” until the moment that they are not. Family, friend, client, lover, or workplace connections all have undercurrents of emotional dependency, regardless of whether or not you are aware. When we lose someone, the entire being is forced into a state of reorienting itself to the new reality.


This, my friends, is suffering. The space between the previous attachment and investment in perceived reality and the new or current reality. As we are the creators of our own reality, we have the ability to lie to or turn a blind eye to the seemingly undeniable truth. In regards to our four examples…

  • Maybe we were overconfident and did not assess our own skills accurately with the new job.
  • Maybe we have the oven on too high, forgot to check on the cake, or perhaps didn’t follow the recipe somehow.
  • Maybe we weren’t the best judge of character and we needed a lesson about boundaries or worse, perhaps we weren’t trustworthy ourselves.
  • Maybe life just isn’t a given, maybe we could lose anyone at any time, and maybe we don’t value the people in our lives to the extent that now seems appropriate.

Having the ability to look at these things requires some semblance of bravery. We must have the fortitude to stare these realizations in the face and still maintain some sense of self. The goal in observing these new truths is the integration of these deep and powerful lessons, which will hopefully guide us to less suffering in the future.

burnt cake is most likely the oven’s fault 😉

If, for whatever reason, we choose to deny this suffering, the inception of evil begins. here are some ways that we could have responded to our scenarios that would work to deny the suffering…

  • That other workplace is full of assholes, they just don’t see my value, what a bunch of losers.
  • That recipe is bullshit and the oven is probably broken.
  • I can’t believe that jerk, they are such a whore and a liar. How could I have been so unfortunate as to get wrapped up with them.
  • Life is so unfair, someone I know died, it’s all so terrible, the universe is out to get me.

Inherent in all of these responses is a victim mentality. Those who use this technique may believe that they are ‘better’ than the ‘abuser’. In fact, they are lowering themselves by taking the most disempowered route possible, making themselves God’s doormat.

Now I am not going to say that it is EVIL to be a victim, or well maybe I am. Remember that evil is a spectrum, and with our working definition stated above, we certainly work against our own life force by accepting and portraying the role of victim. These examples are meant to show you how easy it is to go down this road.

Some of these examples are autobiographical, and I still wrestle with feelings of insecurity and rage around them. However I no longer engage in the truly evil activity, which is to force someone else to feel my suffering for me.

The Final Step

To truly step into the space of being evil, you must continuously resist the urge to learn about yourself. This takes a certain level of stubbornness and tenacity. It requires a distinct ability to lie to oneself (thus the name of the book “People of the Lie”).

To be evil, empathy must be turned off as it may interfere with your ability to deny the reality of your situation.

Imagine a world where we all took full responsibility for our own actions.

The final step in being evil is to force others into a space of suffering. The universe is not a vacuum, things don’t just disappear. Even a falsely created belief seeks a place to manifest itself. And so, the suffering that is denied within, requires an expression outside.

The best and most pervasive example is that of certain organized religions. The ‘word of God’ and the ‘Holy Bible’ has been used as a rationale for the raping, pillaging, and carrying out the enslavement of native peoples. For within the same philosophies that followers are the chosen ones, there is deep shame and a repression of personal expression. Many who claim to have follow Jesus or Mohammed would also very quickly tell you that a gay/black/Jewish or whatever person is unfit, unclean, or has lost their way. It is easy to see what they are doing. There is nothing wrong with believing in God or following the teaching of a specific guru, but this group dynamic has clearly gotten out of hand.

No group of people are born inherently evil, I simply refuse to believe this. However, I have no doubt that an organized group of confused and consenting adults could certainly be evil. Take a look at the Klu Klux Klan as an example. These white men have chosen to project their own insecurities onto a group or groups of people. Every salient human being on earth understands that the hatred and garbage that flows from their belief systems is insanity. However, these individuals have found evil as a tool for avoiding their own pain and suffering. The pain and suffering that is now so deep and so long unacknowledged that they seek to kill and destroy entire races of people.

Say NO to bigotry, racism, and the collective denial of soul level growth.

Cultural Evils

Those who choose the path of evil as opposed to the path of enlightenment gain certain immediate advantages on the earthly plane. For instance, when one does not have to bother themselves with their own insecurities or feelings, they can manipulate and ascertain positions of power and riches. Capitalism is a system which, in fact, benefits and slants itself towards those who choose the evil path.

The president is no different than previous administrations, he has used fear and racist rhetoric to focus attention on “animals” or “rapists”. This time around dehumanizing Mexicans. This evil is institutionalized.

Because of this, and this is simply a personal claim, our largest corporations, industries, and positions of power have become infiltrated by those who (more often than not) choose the path of evil. Trading their soul growth and enlightenment for a new car or second home. Most every political office would inherently be easier to get to for those who choose a path of evil. If you could just shake it off, blame another person, project your feelings onto “illegal immigrants” or “terrorists”, then your path suddenly becomes incredibly clear.

Our judicial system, our prison system, our military industrial complex, and yes, our educational system are all infected if not wholly based on the path of evil. Punishment, fines, violence, racism, prejudice are all signs of the presence of evil. These systems literally and metaphorically govern our lives and personal development so it is important to remember that we too take the path of the numb at times.

A perfect example of how the world has created evil and then views and fights others as evil. It involves a complete dehumanization of a people.

While again, it is not evil to take a break from your personal awareness, it is vitally important to check in on a regular basis.

A culture which has been taught to numb and to blame as opposed to feel and reflect is quite vulnerable. Vulnerable to mass manipulation, vulnerable to being lied to. For that culture has been specifically trained to lie to themselves and to believe whatever helps them sleep at night. Those who question the status quo are told to ‘get back in line’, are seen as conspiracy theorists or quacks. Basically, their words fall on deaf ears or they are silenced altogether.

What can you do?

Honestly, to attempt to take on evil in the world is in NO WAY your responsibility. To a large extent, it is best to avoid certain systems such as the police, the military, or the higher reaches of government. These systems are engaged in karmic battles and ego dances, you don’t need their influence on your life. The idea that you are dependent upon a system is important to the current society staying deaf, dumb, and blind. Breaking free of group think and general conservative viewpoints will enable you to develop your own sense of God, good and evil, and personal path of enlightenment.

When you must engage with these systems, please remember to be peaceful and pray to your higher power, whatever that may be. To these people, who choose to imprison and call people animals, you are a bright light in their eyes on a dark night. Don’t shine too directly at them, because they are not prepared for this light, it will only trigger their animal instincts.

Start with compassion, but please, by all means, do not end there. Anyone who chooses to do things that are evil is hurting. As mentioned before, it may not be conscious, so please, handle with care. This does not mean that you should allow yourself to be subjugated. No, when confronted by evil actions, let the person know that you stand for something different. Let them know that you see things differently, that you choose to love yourself, and call upon your higher power to protect you as your light of awareness shines.

Be the light, that is all.

To live within the darkness by choice is a sad and scary place, so hold yourself in the light, and be a safe space for YOU. If they choose to come closer, may your light assist in relieving their heavy burdens, but only if they choose.

Finally, engage your own tendencies. Acknowledge that you too have things that you would rather not look at. There have been times and will continue to be occasions where you just won’t be able to ‘get it’ right away. Practice meditation, forgiveness, engage in prayer, and monitor your thoughts. After all, it is the ability to observe and feel that releases you from the clutches of the pattern of evil.

Above all, learn to love your life experience. Evil is simply forgetting that you are blessed, and that everything is okay.

Xx Share Light, Spread Love, and Kick Ass xX

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