Uranus Mars Conjunction – Late July Fireworks

The astrology continues to intensify until the end of July and into early August. Exacting on August 1st, Mars and Uranus come together 18°+ of the tropical zodiac. Placements here are being activated.

The point at which they come together is often referred to as the North Node. The nodes are not a planet or static point. They are mathematical by nature, a demarcator of where the moon crosses what is called the ‘ecliptic’ at any particular moment.

The ecliptic is what you want to consider when you see planets transiting the North Node. If you created a plane that bisected both the Earth and the Sun… that is the ecliptic.

Energies meet and intensify at mathematically precise portals. The ecliptic is an example of such a meeting point. It is the energetic superhighway between the Earth and the Sun. Considering that the Sun is the most influential star in our neighborhood, the Node is a power point of connectivity here on Earth. When planets come together here, they are thrust forward into our consciousness. In addition, they are projected forward into their highest potential. The light and energy of the Sun is always guiding us. The energy from the Sun, trapped in the Earth and her many plants, minerals, and animals are what allow us to do the things that we do in our lives.

The North Node or point at which the moon crosses the ecliptic is where the moon is aligned with the Sun and Earth. It is this relationship that leads to eclipse cycles. Very powerful indeed. The nodal axis has a way of holding us accountable and righting the ship, in my experience.

Mars and Uranus come together about once every two+ years. In the unique event that Mars Retrograde is near Uranus, it could occur up to 3 times in a year. Not this time. ((And not for a long time. In 2033, the Mars Rx will be in opposition to Uranus, check in in 11 years to see how that goes. The triple conjunction won’t happen in 2045 either at the next potential. So consider this parenthetical a moot point exploration of astrological nerdom.))

So we have these two powerful and explosive energies coming together at a power point. What can we expect?

Well, we can expect to be enlivened. Little things seem to become big or disappear altogether. This time could be filled with irritability, especially if we lack freedom of expression or movement. Change is inevitable and will lead to the release of blocked energies. Just last night I rearranged my bedroom and office just 15 minutes before a session. That is the energy of this time.

People and places reorganizing and forming movements. The body becoming fed up with certain activities or lack thereof. If we are not willing to examine our patterns, this time will kick our ass. If we enjoy understanding the why and remain unattached… we will thrive.

Fighting is a sign that you need to relax. Ironically, when we start arguments, we may release pent up energy, but overall we create unhealthy patterns. Sexual release is important but we may not be in the mood, so handle yourself first.

One of the greatest scams of our time is to shame sexual expression in all forms. It is a built in way that we can release pent up energy. Use it this way. Overall, fuck shame. Your value does not change because of what you choose to do or not do with your body.

The chance for revolutionary and unexpected events is high. Those types of events that interrupt your regularly scheduled programming, that’s Mars and Uranus. Be careful when you are hiking, driving, or flying. Say an extra prayer and do your best to stay calm. Remember that the more calm you are, the more calm the environment around you. This is how we change things from within. We foster a space of peace and give others permission to do so.

With the madness that is portrayed at every turn these days, be a lighthouse of calm and acceptance. The division we experience is nothing but sadness and fear. The arguments and battles with others give us a toxic break from our own experiences. To become numb to this pattern is to lose hope. Don’t become numb. If you are angry.. GOOD. But please do not forget that you love yourself too much to hate other people.

Bite your tongue if you need to. Confront someone who makes you uncomfortable. Speak your piece without needing anyone else to validate you. It is yours, right?

This time is a sad anxious song, that beats into your heart.
Can you feel the love, escaping from the hurt parts.
Sometimes we have to die, in order to be reborn.
Can't have something new, if we don't acknowledge, the pain, the hurt, the anger.
But that won't steer the ship, gotta right your mind with it.
What is it that you want, how can you achieve
A life without the strife, standing for what you believe
Allowing others to dance, their souls eternal dance
Maybe you lend a helping hand, without giving up your stance
We will find a way through, or it will bore a hole through us
Don't allow the mess to mess you up
It's not yours to clean, from inside, from inside its NEW
Start again with every moment

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