Chiron Rx 2022 : A Blessed Healing Time

Take it slow, rushing may get you hurt. Everyone gets things wrong sometimes, best to give them space to heal.

Chiron has been moving in concert with Uranus for most of the last few years. The Rx expands the orb of relationship between these two, offering just a bit of breathing space.

30° is a semi sextile and is often overlooked. The power of the semi sextile is actually about a dance between the two planets 1 sign away from one another.

When planets are in semi sextile, they cannot see one another. They do not communicate with one another. The angle is too close. However, because of their proximity in degree, every aspect to one of the planets forms an aspect to the other.

The aspect is different for each. Thus the dance. When Saturn trines one, it squares or quincunx the other. When Jupiter sextiles one, it squares or semi sextiles the other.

The point is, the two planets are intimately connected. It’s almost as if they battle for space and attention, but never actually work together. That part is up to the observer that can see and receive both energies.

As Chiron moves in Rx, the orb expands within this aspect. This creates time between the aspects created to each. Thus the breathing space.

When Chiron and Uranus are in such tight orb, it’s as if healing and shocking revelations happen at the same time. But again, it has been up to us to make sense of it. To be honest, doing this with these two planets is sometimes impossible.

Chiron is breaking free as the Rx intensifies the awareness of the wounds, the spaces that need healing, the lost and forgotten senses and abilities. In my years as a practicing intuitive astrologer, I have learned that Chiron always makes us unique. A gift, a way of moving, a way of talking, a way of existing. It is unusual, it is cool, it is an adaptation that has been called forth from the initial wounding.

We finally have some time to lean back into these spaces. Uranus interacting with Chiron is irritability manifest. It is also the shocking expression of healing powers, but, the types of experiences that brings those expressions forward are often tragic and traumatizing.

Like putting cake batter on top of a cake that’s baking. The cake would’ve been fabulous, but it’s probably not going to turn out that tasty now.

We are half baked in some parts, overdone in others. Time to strike a balance. At least for a bit…

The gap between these two reaches 3° as of August 24th when Uranus goes Rx. The relationship between the two may pick up then but certainly not to the intensity we’ve had for the majority of the last two years. The orb widens to 4° by October 5th and widens slightly before the gap begins to close again in late November as Chiron moves into its forward motion on December 23rd.

So from today, July 19th, until late November, it’s a time to integrate and look at our wounds. To have some separation from the madness of the outside experience and incorporate these gifts and begin to use them.

We will need them all soon enough. This relationship hits yet another apex in 2023 as they reach 1° in the fall. More on that later.

For the time being, if you feel called to go inward, to delve into some sensitive areas, I encourage you to do so. Be a light for yourself and know that wherever there is pain there is also love.

This period is prime for medicine journeys, healing conversations, and journeys of the soul. I just love you 🌈

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