New Moon June 28th 2022

June 28th
New Moon
Sun square Jupiter
Mars square Pluto (7/1)

“The light and shadow are attempting to fuse together. This can drive us to our energetic ends. The key is your emotional awareness and willingness to allow things to unfold, there is more to come”

Optimism and exuberance, this is a day time energy and can have us wanting more of everything. Satisfaction is in the experience and potentially not a lasting feeling. That’s okay, just choose another adventure or stimulus. Make space for stillness to find baseline when you get the chance.

Things can get out of hand easily as we have the tendency to over conceptualize and idealize. What if’s seem to become more real than usual. Stay in the moment, it’s juicy right now.

Under the banner of the new moon this can create a deep space for feeling ourselves. Being sobered by our emotions can be a healing experience. Many patterns have changed within you, and there is a collection of feelings that also need to go. In order for them to upgrade, we must access them and express them.

It’s not a low energy, just a dense one that we are strikingly aware of. Sand away the sharp parts slowly and rinse off the dust… repeat. A little work goes a long way.

As we process the events of our lives and the world, keep an open mind. If you feel yourself getting off track, just remind yourself of what you want to see and focus on that. Dream a little dream before coming back to more ‘serious’ matters.

If you can stay calm, you will do better.
If you get worked up easily, life can steal your vitality at any moment, for any reason. Practice remaining neutral within. Observe the unfoldings of the world.

When it is time to act, you will do so. Jumping into the fray can be cathartic but also can have you identified with the problem more than a solution, find balance.

Intensity increases as the lightness fades overt the next few days.

Mars square Pluto July 1st

Grrrrr! What am I actually angry about? Well, a lot! That may be a resounding theme as we step into July. Understand that this aspect is already alive and well but will be strongest on the last days of June and first of July.

What this tells me is that, whatever is upsetting right now, there is more. It is deeper than the surface issues. It’s been going on for a long time.

Thus, expressing it and getting in touch with it is tricky and takes some soul searching.

One of the most challenging positions to be in right now is one of power and influence. It is far too easy to say the ‘wrong’ thing and stoke a mass mob to cancel or attack you.

The balance of power is shifting and, while that doesn’t have to involve burning down the current leadership, those in power should be very careful with what they do.

*Hey Dudes!

If, right now, you are seen as the dominant abuser (specifically men) then it is best to support those who feel abused and hurt. While you have feelings and thoughts about these issues and topics (which are completely valid) just journal about it or speak to other men.

The unfolding that is occurring for women is more complicated than you could ever imagine so best to just let them control the conversation.

While you didn’t create the world we live in, many people haven’t benefitted from it and are seeking for it to change. Just bear witness and don’t take it personal.

When July begins, we may feel exhausted but remember that’s only because of how alive we feel. Humanity is coming out of a time period of powerlessness. To the extent that we have no idea how much power we truly hold and are capable of. The themes of authoritarianism and domination are here to wake us up and have us own our power. You don’t need laws to keep you safe. They can help, but your safety is up to you and the community in which you live. Make positive choices in your life. Who are you surrounded by, what influences do you allow in?

If you aren’t capable of or willing to change them, just accept where you are and work with it.

Your greatest power lies in your ability to self regulate and self motivate. Anything from others is a gift and blessing.

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