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I distrust nearly all authority…

That which I do trust, I am highly skeptical of and never take at face value.

No one else is me.

The circumstances of our current hierarchies leave a lot to be questioned. Why some out of touch aging folks in robes get to decide anything is beyond me?!

The entire network of ‘government’ has zero oversight. Committees are formed like a pageant show. Defendants and witnesses are paraded out like it really matters. I’m not the first one to say it, but politicians are just aspiring actors that have neither talent nor mass appeal. They rely on charisma, manipulation, emotional play, and feigned psychodrama.

I’m sure there are a few who care, but again, the entire system is without oversight.

We, as citizens, are the ones to hold them accountable. No matter who is supported or elected, this problem persists until 1. Politics undergoes a spiritual revolution or 2. We, as citizens, design our own decentralized, local power structures and thus deem the larger government unnecessary.

Within the ridiculous system of governance we currently have, feel free to support the candidates or parties that feel right to you. IMHO opinion, based on years of watching things play out, it may make a small difference in the short term. However, in the long term, the only solution to an increasingly authoritarian government is to begin governing oneself and giving up on the dream of a unified nation.

First and foremost (and I hope this is second nature to you by now) we must unify with the self. Engage the shadows, feel the pain, own the innate narcissism that our world has bred into us, and begin to rebuild our disparate and traumatized identity in a healthy and unified fashion.

From there, we must come together within our households, our building, our shared lands, our neighborhood, workplaces, parks, markets, restaurants and communities.

Nothing will ever fulfill your wishes quicker than being friends and teammates with your fellow humans.

The idea of a nation state aligning is a pipe dream. It could work out. One thing is for sure, if the households and neighbors don’t get along, you can kiss any chance of the unified nation state goodbye.

Your fellow humans need you and you need them. The separation of humans against one another is the only way that the minority in power could ever remain as an elite ruling class.

I know there are so many things to be upset about. I know that we identify with those who look like us, who think like us, who go through similar social struggles… that makes sense.

Consider this, what if we identified with all beings who breathe and eat. All beings who wake up everyday and have to live and work on themselves. What if instead of identifying by race, nationality, ideology, or religion, we identified through the magic of existence.

In doing so, we wouldn’t forget about sexist and racist actions. Quite the opposite. We would begin to see how discordant such and approach is, as we truly all bleed the same.

My love runs deep in my soul. In that space, I feel every living thing. I do not claim to have answers, and in fact I speak and write because I have many many questions.

Through honest expression of our vulnerable notes, we may find new avenues, perspectives, and insights.

If I were here for only me, I wouldn’t live in such a busy world. If the world needed more disagreement, there’d already be resounding peace.

Look around, what is needed at this time. How can you play a role in changing the larger dynamics for all beings?

With patience and understanding all things are possible. Take your journey one step at a time. Do your best to let others live their lives. They need the space, just like you.

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