I’ll love you

I’ll love you when you die

I’ll remember who you are

I can see your heart from here

We are never very far

From colliding in the stars

As our maps express their paths

We dance while we are living

I smile, you smile, we laugh

I’ll love you as you live

I’ll remember who you are

I’m not that important

I’m a fraction of a star

I’ll love me forever

As I piece me back together

Through rough and stormy weather

Thanks for helping me complete

The pieces of me that were so deep

That kept me up at night

No sleep

That had me scared to even peek

In the mirror

That you are

You made it kind

You made it soft

I took the program from inside

And I shut that fucker off

New patterns now emerge

In the places that you triggered

More than ever

More than ever

My love it does grow bigger

I love you as you breathe

I love you as you sleep

I love you when we drift apart

I love you when we meet

Until the next dance

I’ll partner with myself

You were there to hold my hand

To nurture my good health

As we fade into the background

Of each other’s active lives

I’ll pray for you each moment

With the love I’ve been supplied

Grief is but a journey

One that takes me through the depths

To that river of my soul

Lined with glory and missteps

I’ll love you

That is all

I love you

As your are

I’ll miss you when you are gone

But for now, here we are

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