Please don’t people please

If you feel like you’re are trying to break free but aren’t there yet, well then the astrology is working through you.

There is no wrong or right way to approach the challenges at hand, it’s freedom of choice. Within this freedom, without the expectation of some laid out plan, we can glean our internal motivations.

This is how empowerment comes. The realization that the power comes from within. Perhaps we have to die to our dreams as they were built upon an ideological foundation.

Personal desires are important, they must be integrated and reckoned with. Wherever we stand for ourselves, with conscious awareness of our impact on others, we shall see massive growth and evolution.

Wherever we diminish ourselves, with the motivation of influencing others, we shall see congestion, stagnation, and disease.

The self will rise. The idea that sacrificing self leads to a better world is a crooked concept. Yes, be kind, help those who ask for it. Yes, be generous with your time, be willing to put your agenda aside now and then when it’s called for. Do not, for a second, limit your scope and influence on your environment under the pretense of fostering good vibes. This is manipulation and is selling yourself short.

No one is gonna save you. No elected daddy or maternal savings account will solve your personal conundrums. We came here to work things out. We came here to be confused and then through chaotic realignment find clarity.

When you get the chance…
Do less.
Do nothing.
Do whatever the flip you want.
When your truest expression is on display, the universe and others are compelled to meet you with the same authenticity.

A relationship with self, others, or god based on hierarchy, fear, delusion, or people pleasing will inevitably and certainly crumble from beneath your feet.

Be honest, especially with those you feel inclined to please. They will be refreshed and empowered by your boldness. If you are scared to upset someone, that’s okay. If you refuse to upset them, that’s toxic, look deeper.

The response you receive from your truth is god speaking. Give all emotions and reactions space to express themselves. Don’t miss the opportunity to growth by hiding your true self, you’ll end up stuck in the same loop for eternity.

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