Grooving towards the Eclipse :: October 18th-25th

Venus chases the Sun as they both move into square with Pluto.
Venus trine Mars October 18th @ 7:15 PM Pacific
Sun square Pluto October 19th @ 6:40 AM Pacific
Venus square Pluto October 19th @ 10:50 PM Pacific
Venus conjunct Sun October 22nd @ 2:35 PM Pacific
Uranus square Saturn continues to hold stance (no exact)
New Moon Eclipse October 25th @ 3:49 AM Pacific

Let’s talk about the 18th, I know this post is coming through on the 19th, but it deserves attention…

Venus trines slowish Mars October 18th.
Mars is moving rather slowly these days, beginning its retrograde motion on the 30th of October.
Amplifying our physical awareness. The feels are strong and potent.
Depending on which direction you take it, this could be suffering or ecstacy.
Continue to follow your pleasures and take care not to lose yourself.
The impetus to go after what you want is as strong as ever, but this doesn’t mean you should or can get it. The more passionate and greedy parts of us may move forward without taking notice of the clear and present dangers and downfalls associated with unrestricted hedonism.
With Uranus square Saturn still looming large in the collective, we can cause a lot of trouble in a very short amount of time. Karmic bounce back is quick and swift as transiting planets interact with Uranus and then Saturn in short order… reaction–> consequence. Be careful of escalating things when there is nothing to gain. (This aspect is live for October and most of November, so consider consequences as they are quickened and amplified)

Mercury opposite Chiron October 19th 2022
Mercury is moving into opposition with Chiron and is attempting to complete the healing cycle that began over 6 weeks ago when Mercury went Rx. In addition, this time is a solidifying of the full moon lessons from a week ago. To recap, a lot of gates have been open. We are flowing and vulnerable as lost pieces seek to re enter our atmosphere, we are in receiving mode. Not all of these pieces will fit this time around, so we may experience a closure of some of these ‘gates’. In day to day life, we cannot realistically stay open forever. Much like the in and out breath of God, we go through waves of receiving and integrating. Stability and homeostasis requires that we take breaks from constant growth.
What is communicated around this transit is important and may have a deeper impact then intended, so tread carefully with your communications. Expect miracles, and don’t let emotions stop you from expressing your beauty. Instead, channel those deep feelings into artistic expression of your love for life. If you are looking for answers, this can be a great day to speak to a loved one or a reader of any sort. Somewhere in the ether things are lining up towards your benefit, put yourself out there to find it.

Venus is also conjunct the Sun, the superior conjunction exacting on October 22nd (A magical day).
Venus Returns This is part of a longer process of Venus returning from the underworld. When she returns, she must travel through the obliterating light of the Sun. During this time, we are being purified and enlivened. Not an easy passage by any means, especially if we are tied to our old ways of doing things. Upon arrival back onto the Earth, we feel refreshed but also terrifyingly vulnerable. Careful not to attack that which you love, simply because it is not in alignment with your newly developed ideals. Things take time to change and shift, no one can read our minds, but they can listen if we speak up. Consider this a time of unfolding. A plan that has been a long time brewing, perhaps even in the depths of our unconscious minds.

In addition, the Sun Venus conjunction is squaring Pluto October 19th.
This represents a bit of a standoff. The 18th’s trine with Mars is delivering the support (the troops) necessary to handle the challenges of the stand off. Remember that a ‘stand off’ or confrontation can just as easily be fruitful as detrimental. Clean your own gutters, clear your energy fields. Notice the negative thoughts you carry and gently guide them towards greener pastures. For the lingering intense issues, bring them to Spirit, ask for guidance, talk to a therapist or counselor. The tools are being delivered, try not to be so busy that you miss the delivery person. While we are being awakened to something perhaps ‘more important’ than we moved towards prior, it is wise to play the long game here. Pluto interactions always strike something that is deeper than we’ve known before. Keep your eyes open for inconsistencies and wait for the passion to die down a bit. Let the rain fall before playing and frolicking in the canyons, it can be dangerous during the storms.

Venus and the Sun will travel into Scorpio together just 3 hours separate overnight October 22nd-23rd. This sets a dramatic and deepening stage for the New Moon Eclipse on October 25th.
Our awareness of truth and how we really feel will be potent and sobering. Luckily, we can find solace in our lonesome yet wondrous connection to nature, the cosmos, our soul, and ourselves. This eclipse marks an awakening of sleeping passions. Not unlike a rebirth or resurrection, we first must learn to crawl before we walk. Before all of this, however, we must learn to feel and to breathe. To acknowledge our role in the creation of all that ails us. True power does not come from domination and blame, it comes through owning ourselves, our lives, and our impacts.

Nothing is easy under the influence of this moon, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some endeavors just aren’t meant to be. With the depth of awareness that accompanies this Lunation, we can see clearly what is aligned and what is being ‘forced’. On the flip side, if we really want to earn something that has been tough to get, this is a wonderful energy to work with. Our efforts are not without their rewards, but the effort must be deep and perhaps even intense.

A note on Eclipses… Remember that the eclipse season is when the Sun is transiting the Nodes of the Moon, so there is something hidden, shadowy, and mysterious that is being uncovered or brought to the surface. At the very least, the issues that arise during this time are receiving more attention than before. This is why the lessons surrounding the eclipses are enduring as it is common practice to consider them 3-6 month processes as opposed to having an immediate answer, solution, or new methodology.

In order to truly understand how the Eclipse is affecting your life, it is important to understand the how the event lands in your own Natal Chart. If you are interested in a private reading, please Book Directly Here or Learn More about James’ services as an Astrologer and Intuitive Guide.

Solar Eclipse October 25th @ 3:49 AM Pacific — 2° Scorpio

The major lesson the stars are expressing at the time of the Eclipse is about adjustment. Mars is moving oh so slowly in Quincunx to Pluto. Saturn has just begun it’s direct motion following a trine with Mercury. Venus’ presence, as discussed above, is powerful and has us with our sights set on something deeper and more meaningful. We may even be willing to sacrifice our comfort for the sake of a better tomorrow.

So what are we adjusting?

It is through the process of acknowledging our dissatisfaction that we come to terms with the current state of affairs. Disappointed in things? Feel like you’ve been given the short end of the stick? We have every opportunity to acknowledge these feelings and sit with them.

AstroWarning! Beware of self pity and victimhood. Remember that the cosmos are here to work with you. We are not perfect, we enable the patterns around us to persist whether through action or inaction. While we are not responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of the entire planet, we must realize that we are in charge of our own happiness and wellbeing.

The agreements that we have made, both consciously and unconsciously leave a lot to be desired. Systems as they exist do NOT serve the newly awakened consciousness that we share with all of humanity and the Earth. Saturn moving forward after an almost two year dance with Uranus is fed up and knows that there are a lot of changes to be made.

As we live our lives day to day, we do our best to stay in a good place. We do our best to take care of our responsibilities and still have time to enjoy ourselves. The remnants of primal brain survival mentality serve us in dangerous situations. Our world, however, is not as dangerous as it once was. Our basic survival requires much less effort than it once did just one hundred or so years ago. People will deliver all of your needs to your home, whether by car or through radio waves and wires.

Our bodies have not had a ton of time to adapt to this new world. We still can easily be triggered into survival mindsets that only serve to separate us from oneness with one another. Perhaps, somewhere in our world, there are people who benefit off of us being separated? Or maybe it is us who benefit, through realizing how easily we can trash another embodied soul when we are frightened or threatened. Either way, it is time to acknowledge how the system is imbalanced and begin to take ownership of how we can shift this.

As we do this, the governance and leadership can also evolve. I am sorry to say to you hopeful political zealots, but a regime change shifts nothing if the populus does not shift. 300+ million people will always be more powerful than a few thousand elected officials. It is almost as if the leadership is destined to express one side or the other of our personal struggle polarity.

When we work internally, domestically, locally, and communally… the change at the top is inevitable. The first step to all of this is to acknowledge what is not working and what is imbalanced. From there we can begin to divest and renegotiate the contracts we have with ourselves, our partners, and our society. Until we free ourselves from the trappings of modern disaster, we don’t have the resources necessary to build a modern dynasty of compassion, connection, and teamwork.

When you see things crumbling, say a prayer and wish it well. Something new is always burgeoning and is necessary. In these expedited times of galactic and solar radiation waves, we are morphing, mutating, shifting, evolving. We are catching up with the cosmic truths of authenticity, compassion, holistic medicine, and teamwork.

The new witchcraft is logical intuitive magic. Whereas we can accept we don’t understand everything, and this becomes the basis for our exploration. Tuning in at every step, paying close attention without limiting our access to possibility.

More transits to Note…

Mars square Neptune October 12th – This has passed but still important to understand. We have been dissociated from some part of ourselves. As the planets continue to dance, we are being asked to slow down the frenetic pace of our lives and consider what is necessary and important. If you feel a bit disjointed, connect with the newly forward moving Saturn.

Mercury Trine Saturn October 22nd – A quick reorientation of our mindset prior to Saturn shifting direction. Just the spark we need to get things moving in the right direction. This isn’t about flash, but more about grounding and stability. What is born this day can create long term fundamental changes.

Saturn Direct October 23rd – Ready to get moving again with your projects? Things that have been hampered for the past 5 months may suddenly take flight again. Slow motion for the first two weeks, but motion nonetheless. Remember that the impact you see is not the whole story, any movement towards your goals and healing is just perfect.

Mercury Trine Mars October 26th – While we try to decide what to do with all of our energy, our minds offer a day of release. Today we foster deeper connections to whatever we interact with. It’s almost impossible to avoid being drawn in to your environmental influences. Make certain that you can be in a space where you are free to leave if you need. Have fun with this transit. This is a great day for a long walk and conversation. Some of the more pressing issues of our social and personal lives can be discussed at length.

Mercury Square Pluto October 27th – Whatever has been developing over the last few weeks may want to be talked about in a new way. We are seemingly blocked unless we express. Even when we express, the blockage simply makes itself known. As with all Pluto transits, we are powerless to come degree. The key with this transit is to figure out how we have become powerless, and try to reroute the energy flow. Going straight at things to try to change them is not the best idea… going straight at things to learn about them… YES YES YES.

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