Transiting Matter(s)

Transiting Matter(s)

after days and weeks of building
sweet relief comes swiftly
pressure that has built to a crescendo
fades away into the cosmic recycling bin

planetary movements move mountains
within us

habitual patterns of thinking
and acting
and feeling
have talons clutching
internal organs
tearing soft flesh from bone

aching and yearning for
summer sweetness of yesteryear
we have built a temple
an emotional memorial
time comes once again
to be reborn in the ritual

lightness brings light
but indeed highlights darkness
the shadow retreats back onto its haunches
deaf ears of neglect cannot hear words of love
you are a stranger to he/she
blinding light from above

regardless of barriers
push on, push on
hold love in thine heart
push on, push on
acclimate to the terrain
push on, push on

when at last you find
that the pressure has lifted
find a place to relax
ponder what has been gifted

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