We are all poets, dancers, lovers, teachers
Gurus and psychics
Philosophers with answers

No one is here
To be placed in a box
To be a slave to a system
Or be harassed by the cops

You are not your job
You are not your career
You are not your money
You are not your fears

You are not the you
That the world has pinned
As a race, as a religion
You are infinite within

Better to be blessed
With the freedom of expression
Than be toiling in the pits
Seeking fleeting satisfaction
From a system filled with greed
Base desires that conflict
With the divinity of your soul
Yes this system makes us sick

Blame not your brothers
Blame not yourself
Hold your consciousness accountable
For your spiritual health

Break the rules when they bring trauma
To another or earth momma
We are not here to be scared
We are not here to be nice
You are bigger than all of this
Use meditation to entice
Your soul to meet you at the veil
Between physical and all other
Brother sister mother daughter
Stop the fighting with each other

Love is not only infinite
But is infinitely strong
You may have to let go
Of attachments along
The way to your exaltation
Heaven on earth within your grasp
Today is not the only day
This life is not your last

Hold the spirit of survival
In the fire of your heart
Break the rules when they conflict
This is a great place to start

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