Uranus Season // Awaken to Change

Right now there is a painful awakening and until about 10 days ago (Jupiter oppose Uranus) a stunning amount of new information being released.

Jupiter moving into Scorpio means that we can no longer distract ourselves from the newly expressed truth.

Jupiter in Scorpio :: Excitedly peering into a bottomless well // adventure awaits

Things have calmed but it is a calm after a storm, we have to assess damage.

At the moment, we are experiencing an astrological season. This season is Uranus season. Lasting about 10 days, Uranus opposes the sun. There will be a similar season in about 190 days when Uranus conjuncts the sun.

The difference between the two is inner (conjunct) and outer (opposition) expression.

Squares and trines of outer planets are also planetary seasons, but are a bit shorter and there in my opinion not as clearly an expression of the transiting planets energy. More on that when the time comes.

So, we have Uranus opposing the sun, causing unexpected events to occur in the outer world for each of us, and also on the collective level. This is a time to take extra consideration towards physical safety, as random and seemingly unexpected events can cause dramatic impact on all levels of being.

The hypersensitivity of the time is likely related to the rapid and electrified mental state. Organizing thoughts isn't the easiest task right now. Meditation and rest will go a long way.

A note on sleep… if you do find rest, it is likely to be an exploration, dreams are vivid these days, as we are exploring the newly uncovered information and assimilating what it means. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is a true visionary, often found envisioning a different reality than the one in front of them (dream dream dream). Because of this, even well found sleep isn't that restful, give yourself more time to sleep, be sure to stay well fed, sit down to eat, and be not afraid of naps!!

The height of this transit is the next few days, but will reach is fever pitch on Thursday the 19th before descending quickly, much like a roller coaster.

My advice:: be an observer of the outside world. Look at the changes, shifts, quirks, and misfit emotions as opportunities to upgrade 'all that is' for the sake of humanity.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, we will find the root of these newly awakened issues. These are likely not new topics, but instead archaic institutionalized beliefs that have become hardened into our personal and collective subconscious.

Compassion, understanding, sharing wisdom and lending a helping hand is why I'm here… why are you here? What is important to you?

Xx Love often speaks in foreign languages xX

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