AstroFlash :: 10.13.17

Friday the 13th

Moon in Leo offers us a chance to see ourselves in a positive light. Romancing the self is a delight today. With Jupiter recently into Scorpio, it may be exactly what is needed to courageously face our inner world.

Mercury is moving into opposition with Uranus, still building but the internal mind and external rhetoric might reach some non sensical heights if not kept on a short leash. On Sunday the moon will trine Uranus as this Mercury Uranus opposition reaches its peak. Give yourself some positive affirmations to boost the fragile yet vital ego.

I am strong. I am loved. I exist to spread light. I always have my own back.

Look for radical insights and where they might fill some mysterious gaps in your consciousness. Uranus and mercury together can create a resistant and recalcitrant mind. Ego battles are not uncommon under Leo influence. Use the passion building for the next few days to enact personal changes that will reflect the changes that you desire to see in the world.

Take some time here and there to just focus on your breathing or the sunshine or a puppy. Have some fun and sing a song today.

Enjoy the Leo moon as it can offer you a childlike and warm internal sensibility. Karaoke anyone?


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