Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscopes // House by House Breakdown

Transitioning in 10.10.17

If you are feeling a shift today, noticing a darkening of your awareness, let it be known that you are transitioning. From the activated air of Libra to the fixed deep dark waters of Scorpio. What you think and feel at this moment is similar to the physical experience of scuba diving after a long flight. You may feel some pressure, and have some unusual thoughts and visions.  However, this is an acclimation. Drink plenty of water, observe what is happening, take some private time for yourself.  Traumas can awaken or be reactivated. Like picking up a damp towel off the floor of a musty basement, you never know what sort of organism or life form might be living under there.  It is possible that what you begin to confront during this cycle has been buried within the psyche. Remember that things always feel the most intense as they are setting in. Jupiter in Scorpio tells us that, with the right perspective, any experience can be seen as divine.  Because of this, remember that limits are necessary and exist for good reasons. Passions and portions of self that have been unexplored can feel uninhibited during this time, so try to practice mindfulness when indulging.  Anger and rage can be volcanic at this time, seek refuge and take it out on a triple chocolate cake or on a rock climbing wall, just be sure to wear your safety gear.  If you suddenly find yourself unhappy with someone or something, give it a week or two before making any drastic decisions. Personally, when larger planets shift, I wait for the moon to activate their new location before truly assessing the benefit/damage.  In this instance, the sun will be crossing Jupiter on the 26th, just over two weeks from now. Before then, the moon will conjunct Jupiter on the 20th. Look at these days as opportunities to ground in and activate the Jupiter shift.  Although Jupiter in Scorpio may say ‘go get it, right now’, I advise you give things time and practice discipline until Scorpio season comes, then we will truly know what is real.

What house will Jupiter transit for you this year?

Where is Scorpio in your chart?


First House

First house is the Aries house, Jupiter transiting your Scorpio rising will awaken and enliven this year. The kundalini rising is an apt metaphor. Your internally held power will emerge through the bright light that is your self expression. You may find new and deeply fascinating ways to assert yourself. Your expression and personality are penetrating so take care when working with those going through sensitive times. Deep self reflection and meditation will be of great value to you, even more than usual. However, you will want to balance this with communal events, perhaps even host some full moon gatherings. Your shamanic tendencies will be on full display so no reason to try to hide anything about yourself, as this will just interfere with your newly born and fiercely passionate self identification. If you have a message for others, it will come to fruition this year. Be sure to stay open minded towards opposing viewpoints, as the fixed energy of Scorpio can create a myopic world view at times. Be safe, take caution, wear a seat belt, and treat intoxicants with reverence, or they may have you ‘outside of yourself’ 👍🏼


Second House

The Taurus portion of the chart does not necessarily vibe well with the expansive energy of Jupiter. However, that is simply because the value system of Sag driven Jupiter is quite different from the refined aesthetic of Venus driven Taurus. When the two are combined, something quite magical can occur. With Scorpio on the second house cusp, you may have experienced some very deep lows and intense experiences around your values, your safety, your surroundings. Jupiter transiting the second house will ensure to uplift and reshape the values incurred from previous experiences. Whatever it is that you hold tough and sacred, deep in yourself, may come into question. What you see as yours, whether it be a home, a car, a pet, or a partner, will be up for review and, if handled well, upgrade. It may feel at times that things are simply moving too fast, but just remember that Jupiter is here to help open your eyes to other possibilities. If there is something you truly want to hold onto, this year may challenge you to do just that. Given enough effort, time, and patience, this year can have you upgrading your life at the very core. Just remember that you will inevitably have to let go of something in order to receive future blessings. On the lighter side of things, deep and intense pleasure is most definitely called for. If you are stringent with yourself, I recommend learning to give in to yourself before the urge becomes just too much and has you overdoing it. Enjoy the finer things and life, and know when enough is enough.


Third House

The third house is the Gemini house, this is where we establish what is not us, the outside world. With Jupiter transiting this house and Scorpio ruling, you may find yourself redefining what matters to you. You interests may become obsessive for periods until exhausted. Don’t be surprised if you become involved with occult and mystical teachings. These would serve you during this year as you are looking to reorient your understanding of the natural world. Residual anxieties will grow and expand until they burst into bubbles of great release. Give yourself time to recover each day, each week, and each month, this is a ton of energy, especially on the mental level. Patience might not be your calling card, so use this year to delete that which no longer serves you. There is a special gift hidden in this house that allows you to ‘cut and run’. Seeing this, make sure to give everyone a fair chance before cutting them out. Dive into your intellectual passions, and find groups that share your interests, these are your people 💖


Fourth House

The fourth house is the house of Cancer. Family issues are commonly connected to this house, especially the mother. However, mother or father, sibling or whomever could have been the nurturing agent in your life. Whoever this is/was, expect them to play a large role in your psyche, if not your actual life. With Scorpio on the cusp of this house, there is no doubt that you are an intense and serious individual. Life is seen through a lens that is clear and penetrating. As Jupiter transits this fourth house, it may seem that all you hold dear is being suspended in some sort of cosmic washing machine. The fourth house is the core of our psychological makeup, that which we hold dear. Connections to family and friends from long ago may either come back into focus or completely fade away. Your roots will come up, where you came from. How far you delve into these issues is up to you. One thing is for sure, you want to have a therapist or at the very least a rolodex of strong listening friends. This year will bring many blessings, but it may or may not seem that way at the time, as you are colliding with your identity and exposing yourself for what you are. Beware of illusion and being overly optimistic, there is nothing wrong with some practicality now and then (Capricorn, the opposing sign to Cancer is brought to mind). As with the twelfth and eighth house, the fourth house may bring up some long forgotten memories, most likely from childhood. They are not here to hurt or cause you pain, but they are up for review. Take some time to work with yourself and/or a professional to help hash out your experiences. With Jupiter playing his role, you may just find the beauty and silver lining in all things, setting you up to be a positive role model for your entire world during the next twelve year jupiter cycle. Your sensitivity will be at all time high, so be grateful for those who stick by you through this time, you might just be a lot to handle.


Fifth House

Fifth house or house of Leo can have us focused on the assimilation of healthy ego patterns. Jupiter transiting the fifth house ruled by Scorpio is a damn sexy time. Suitors may come in droves, but please do be specific with what you desire from them. Many will bring secret agendas which may or may not be sexual in nature (but probably are 😳). Capitalize on this evocative and attractive energy. This is the year to launch yourself into the public eye as a figure to be followed or adored. Money can come from this if discipline is shown, otherwise this may just be a big ego blowout, but hey, nothing wrong with that. I Romance, theater, and performing are great places to send excess energy. On the shadowy side of this transit, you may be forced to acknowledge your difficulties from childhood and the inner child may throw a raging tantrum now and then, especially when the moon transits this portion of your chart. Find a balance between setting appropriate boundaries and letting your little one have fun and make a gorgeous creative mess. If you are overly analytical, this year could challenge your preconceived notions and ask for a more creative outlook on things.


Sixth House

With Scorpio on the sixth house cusp, your health can go through some ups and downs. In addition, it is always important to watch your habits and keep them in check as there can be a tendency to obsess. The Jupiter transit 6th house will illuminate self care practices. Your optimal personal health will be available to you, but only if you are willing to dedicate yourself to positive self care. Addictions and habits are also associated with a Scorpio ruled 6th (Virgo) house. It is important to observe where one might be obsessive over the body and controlling things. Be careful not to overwork but this is likely because you may find deep inspiration through that which you do. A change of profession or job may be in order. With Jupiter hitting the service oriented sixth house, you may just find a new peace and belief in the world through acts of service. Opportunities to work at a soup kitchen, donate goods from your home, or help someone who has been having a hard time will find you. I’m not a big fan of religion, but sharing in a Christlike manner is an apt metaphor for this transit. Try to give more than you receive, and watch the abundance flow in.


Seventh House

The seventh house is also known as the Descendant. This areas governs the way in which we learn from our interactions with others. Some call this the house of relationships. First and foremost, it is the balance to our ascendant sign. With Scorpio on the descendant this means that you have Taurus on the ascendant. Your relationships teach you how to really connect on a deep and meaningful level, allowing you to give in to your passions. As Jupiter transits this house, the nature of your connections to others will become strikingly clear. Scorpio on the descendant is already incredibly sensitive and observant of others motives, and with Jupiter traveling through it just may feel like too much to be connected in the same way as you were in the past. Relationships will ask for a shift because, at your core, you are reevaluating the way in which you relate to everyone. During this time you may find yourself in deeply passionate sexual affairs that seem to flare out as soon as they arrived. What you learn from these people may not be known for years but stick with it, these are some fabulous teachers. When relating to others, be sure to pay close attention to the agreements that you are making. We can often say things because it ‘feels right’, not knowing that we are making a covenant or bond. If you can, find space to consider the ramifications of your connections as things develop, which may be challenging as things move at lightning speed. One of the many benefits of this time is your ability to immediately connect to someone, and to be a shining light in their world. More than any other time in this twelve year Jupiter cycle, you will find yourself ‘shedding light’ and opportunity onto others with your words, your presence, and your energy. Take intimate time for yourself, this will allow you to purify your energy and be ready to reconnect cleanly after your sacred time.


Eighth House

The eighth house is scorpio’s home address. You have a piercing eye, an indelible intellect, and the ability to be a guide for the deepest of psychological journeys. During this year, you will be the master of your domain on a psychological level. If you feel like a novice in this area, study the works of Carl Jung. Self help books will also go a long way, as will a meditation practice. Journaling will enable you to see your process from an even more objective view. As Jupiter transits the eighth house, intensity will be the name of the game. It may appear that the world is over complicated, wretched, or conspiring against you. At the same time, it may appear that you are the master of the universe and can control others with your words, will, and thoughts. i beg you to find the middle ground. Unless an individually is literally asking for help or advice (which may happen more than ever this year), don’t offer any. Your insights are incredibly buoyant, positive, and helpful, but they may just be too damn penetrating, so cool your jets. The most important piece of this particular journey is to ‘know thyself’. You will find that with each passing day, your heart and mind will sink deeper into yourself and expand outward. The increasing level of awareness and sensitivity to your own inner workings is enough to drive one insane, but alas, you’ve been there, done that. Accepting your limitations and the willingness to admit where you are wrong are two traits that will serve you well this year. Remember that people are not laboratory rats to be studied. Although you may have found a way to completely transcend the lower emotional scale, that doesn’t make you better than anyone, it just make you different, perhaps even a little odd. Putting too much pressure on yourself to grow or work through trauma is a form of self abuse so keep it light. Where there is the ability to laugh, joy will flourish. This year could have you finding a windfall of sorts. Whether it is from someone passing and leaving you money, or it comes in the form of knowledge gleaned through the psychological examination process, you will be much wealthier come next November.


Ninth House

The ninth house is traditionally ruled by the sign Sagittarius, Jupiter’s home base. With Scorpio on the cusp of this house, your true and deep beliefs are never far from your tongue, and I caution you with your words, always think before you speak. As Jupiter transits the ninth house, it is possible that you will be considering a move, or at least an upgrade to your current living conditions. Your heart will be aflutter with inspiration on how to improve every aspect of your life and the only thing that may stop you is actually sitting down and doing something. During this year, set an intention to write on a daily basis. When you feel overwhelmed, make a list and cross out the non essentials. If you feel the desire to explore or travel, then resisting this urge may be more than your inspired soul can handle. The trip does not have to be far or long, but ensure that it is a departure from your daily life. Disconnect from your philosophy for a bit, take a new class, if you are a church goer, try a different church or GASP even a different religious orientation. The love that it is in your heart should be shared during this time for maximum benefit. The sage like wisdom that seems to only come in the shower after a workout, well, the stuff is available to you twenty four seven, go do something with it. If you have been looking for a vocation or feel stuck in your current job, this year could be the breaking point. No one wants to do anything that isn’t aligned with their passions. With Jupiter transiting the ninth house, this will become glaringly obvious. Expect the unexpected and keep your schedule clear, you may find that there are a multitude of opportunities to do and explore new areas. If you have hobbies or interests, try to keep items you may need in your vehicle or bag so that you can access them whenever you want (like keeping running clothes in your car, or even a pouch of crystals and meditation pillow). Be wary of overdoing it and if you do, allow your system to crash and reach your low points, this year is a great time to touch the void, you’ll be back and better than ever in no time.


Tenth House

A tenth house Jupiter transit may have you expanding your business pursuits. With Scorpio on the cusp, you have no problem being in charge, but not really interested in taking credit. This year, there may be some passionate and provocative elements to the ventures. One way or another, what you do is both challenging and transforming the status quo. Thus, be prepared to butt heads with current institutions. Whether it is an old religious paradigm or corporate interests, you will inevitably meet your goals if you are willing to be patient and keep a positive attitude. Setbacks will occur when you try to skip steps and lack respect or reverence for current instructions. Remember, they paved the way for our innovative work. On a personal level, you are looking to upgrade your inner authority. Your sense of autonomy will be at an all time high so take care with the hearts of others. Sexually (cuz hey Scorpio) look for the interplay between domination and submission, and don’t be afraid to say exactly what you want, you are more likely than ever to receive it. It is important to be on the level with your practices, whether it be taxes, your drivers license, or being intoxicated publicly. During this year, again, you will garner much more attention from authority figures, try not to start too much trouble and keep your hands clean.

Eleventh House

11th house is the Aquarius house. With this house ruled by Scorpio, you are a staunch and powerful defender of human rights. Issues having to do with injustice, imbalance, and slavery just make you boil. This year, with Jupiter transiting your 11th house, there is the potential for you to spearhead a movement around such issues. You may find yourself propelled to a position of influence within your community. The key, share your gifts with others, let them know how you became so strong, your story is undoubtedly unique and riveting, especially when you share it. With this as a primary focus, be ready to receive the fruits of your labor. For it would make no sense to send a warrior out into the world without all the trapping necessary to ensure the ideological battles that will ensue. The combination of Jupiter and the 11th house are about as abundant as can exist, the key being sharing with others, as Aquarius knows no one person can receive the bounty that all humanity has coming for them. Be that vessel, and don’t be afraid to be a rock star. For balance, find quiet time and even a personal retreat for yourself where you can commune with both the earth and the cosmos. Stay away from toxic influences as they can damage all those around you, this is a year to collectively purify and your Jupiter transit has the humanitarian bend to deliver this to the people.

Twelfth House

Are you ready for truth? Not like ‘whodunnit?’ type truth, but, what is reality type truth. The mystical and boundary-less twelfth house ruled by Scorpio is the depths of the collective consciousness. Whereas the 8th house is the unconscious and plays itself out on a personal psychological level, the twelfth house is more about ‘what we are, what we’ve been, where we come from’. With Jupiter transiting the 12th house, expect the secrets to be revealed to you. There is tremendous confusion and conjecture about what lies beyond human existence, so expect some existential dilemmas. It will be important that you follow the path that lies in front of you with a sober approach. The twelfth house of filled with illusion and Scorpio can be filled with deception. When passions reach a fever pitch, you may just be tempted to go back to addictions and habits that began long before your tiny little human lifetime. During this year, you are of service to the collective and thus of service to yourself. This can be a great time to study your ancestry or learn about the history of existence. Search the akashic records and keep a psychic or astrological reader on hand. Practice forgiveness work as many of the challenges you are working through may have roots which your psyche has purposefully blocked. “We don’t always want to know how the sausage was made”. Self judgement and concrete beliefs will be major blockages this year, so go with the flow mon. If you consider yourself religious or a follower of a discipline, be prepared to question things. The Piscean house knows that there are May paths back to God. One thing is for sure, they all require death/transition at some point. Look at the bright side, rebirth is inevitable an just a year away my loves.

Xx Patience is essential for all good things to flourish xX


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