Hold Your Value

Being authentic has somehow becomes dangerous in our world
There are fashion, etiquette, and gender stereotypes and mores
People are told who and what to honor and support
Some are judged simply for the appearance of their skin or preference of sexual partner
I have my own personal preferences and know how awful it feels to not be heard or even worse, to not even have a voice
In a world where so many are programmed to swallow their own authentic expression, bravery is required to stand out and shine
The only true path is that of following your heart
All else creates dependencies on other and outside influence
These outside influences are destined to fail you, not because they are broken or weak, but because they are only responsible for self
The slave is still a slave regardless of how well he serves his owner
Refuse to assimilate to the worlds agenda
Follow your own path and hold yourself in such high regard that others have no choice but to do the same
You are divinity, the petty resentful games of this world do not suit you
When you finally see your own value, it might just have you on your knees in gratitude for all that you have been given
Making it easy to see the beauty and infinity in others

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