Weekend Update 10.6-8.17

This full moon was a real ass kicker. Following up on its fullness by conjuncting Uranus and Opposing Jupiter. She has safely moved into Taurus this evening, and we are ready to take a deep breath and allow some things around us to fall into place. Eat well this weekend, move slowly and let your energy body and nervous system recover. Sleeping in is divine self love. Chasing dreams involves actually dreaming sometimes, so don't be so quick to activate and leave what is comfortable and pleasant. Moon in Gemini will start our week, then Jupiter shifts into Scorpio. Basically, we will be busy and serious soon enough. Allow things to line up, don't get involved with the BS that is out there. Who do you interact with directly on a daily or weekly basis? Who do you call just because you like to talk to them? Involve yourself with these individuals, you are not here to have opinions on the actions of some random person on a tv screen, that is ludicrous and drains your vital life force energy. Use that energy to push a nephew on a swing or to cook dinner for your super friendly neighbor.

Xx Love is all around you, go indulge in some of it. xX

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