Power Packed Full Moon in Aries // 10.5 It’s Coming Together

What in the world has been going on in the world?  Over the last few weeks we have been building towards this full moon in Aries.  One of my favorite moons of the year (yes StarMan does have favorite #astronerd).  My favorite part of the Aries moon is the activation of latent energies and a ‘doubts be damned’ energy that Aries is known for.

Let’s talk about the Ram… The moon is typified by feeeeelings, the deep dark recesses of self, the shadow or oft-forgotten aspects of self.  Aries, by nature, is potent and pure activation of self.  Spring, birth, BOOM, I’m here, let’s see what I can do.  With a ‘Sorry, not sorry’ attitude, the sexy cardinal fire sign begs for help or mercy from no one.  It is easy to misunderstand Aries.  If you are projecting on an Aries, you are likely way off base.  The energy shown by Aries is ‘take it or leave it’ and ‘try to keep up with me’.  Aries respects the ability to survive and thrive, positive attitude matched with an active and buoyant lifestyle.

So that may give you a little glimpse of Aries energy.  The moon, which is more comfortable in the sign of Cancer, asks us at times to retreat into ourselves and reflect, to nurture, to nest, to go back to the womb.  Aries is literally the sign that has just escaped such a restrictive and smothering place.

As you enjoy this Aries moon, understand that this sign is here to move you, shake you, have you dance and sing, perhaps even through some tears.  It’s okay to scream, to kick, to hate, to fight, to drink, to fuck, to live.  The moon wants us to be safe, and Aries knows damn well that there is nothing safe about living half-assed.

Full Moon in Aries //  Balancing the Balancing of Libra

As we know, the full moon is always opposed to the Sun.  Thus all full moons are complementary to the current location of the Sun.  The shadow sign of the times is illuminated.  Check out my previous post for more info on the nature of the moon -> What is a Full Moon.  When it comes to Libra, our major crux is over analysis.  We seek to find and often ‘create’ balance within the world.  There can be a downright obsession with finding the right words, the right actions, the proper etiquette.  Those with a strong Libra influence within their chart know what I’m talking about.

Here is a small snapshot of my chart… 

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.19.27 PM
Libra much?

As we just discussed, Aries is not going to spend too much time considering.  It is not that Aries is callous or dispassionate or even conceited.  However, what Aries values is something completely different and balancing to the oft-neurotic values of Libra.  Aries doesn’t have time to be offended.  Libra, on the other hand, given enough time, will find offense in pretty much anything.  This is not a cut at Libra or Aries, but the balance is obvious here.  As the moon hits, be prepared to shake off the worrisome feeling that someone ‘just doesn’t get you’ or ‘is just so inconsiderate’.  Instead, look forward to opportunities to shake hands, negotiate, challenge, jump, run, sing… literally, back to the pleasure of living, you are being reborn from the prison that you may or may not have created.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.49.09 PM

An Amazing Coincidence // Venus conjunct Mars

Do you know about planetary rulership?  Each sign has planetary rulers, see below.


The ruler of Aries, where the moon floats, is Mars.  The ruler of Libra, where the sun stands, is Venus.  So why am I sharing this?  Well, currently, the planets Mars and Venus are conjunct (at nearly the same exact point in the sky as one another).

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.24.32 PM

This happens on occasion, but not too often, just 9 times over this ten year period.  As you can see, it will not land in the sign of Aries or Libra other than TODAY.  On the day which the Moon in Aries (mars) is directly opposed the Sun in Libra (venus), the two planets meet at not only the same degree in the zodiac, but also within a fraction of a degree in declination.  Wowzers!

This is a deeply meaningful day.  Either of these occurrences is meaningful, and we haven’t even considered that Jupiter has just entered the last degree of Libra, after a year long journey, saying goodbye to the cardinal air sign on the 11th of October, less than a week from now.

The last degree of a sign is known as the Penultimate state.  Jupiter is finishing up his business in this sign, looking back for all that has been missed or is askew from the vantage point of Libra.

Venus meeting Mars is a time when passion and desire meets activation.  The harshness and callousness of Mars is balanced by the pleasant and beautiful nature of Venus expression.  This combo also represents the physical aspect of androgyny.  Not exactly non binary, but a balance of the masculine and feminine.  As Venus is rushing by Mars, her movement being a quicker pace, the masculine is the placeholder for the movement forward of the feminine.  See this as a personal blending of internal aspects, or as a social expression whereas men and women work together to forward an oft-repressed and abused divine feminine energy.

In Summation

Hold nothing back, for you are being held in perfect balance.  The ugly and the beautiful must dance together in order for humanity to move forward, and that begins with YOU YOU YOU <3

Xx Life is here to be lived, get off the internet and go have fun xX

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