What is a Full Moon // How will it affect you :: House by House rundown

EST view of Full Moon @ 24 degrees Pisces // 3:04 PM Eastern // 12:04 PM Pacific

This full moon is also an eclipse, for more specific information on the Pisces Full / Moon Lunar Eclipse please read my previous post <><><>< What’s the Deal with this Eclipse? :: Full Moon // Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 9.16.16 ><><><>

Once every 28 days we experience a rush of solar energy being expressed as an undercurrent of emotional awareness.  This IS the full moon. The term lunacy comes from the idea of the moon’s energy causing people to act, well, for lack of a better term “crazy”. Each full moon is different, depending on the aspects in the sky at the time, the build towards the full moon, and for each individual, where the moon falls in your chart.

Why is a Full Moon so Important Astrologically?

It is a time, when very simply, the moon is opposite the sun in the sky.  Without any further knowledge of signs or other aspects, this is a time when the vitality and expression of your personality clashes ((represented by the sun)) with the underpinnings of safety, security, secrets, obsession, and addiction ((represented by the moon)).  In an opposition, the drama plays out in the world around us ((friends, family, society, authority, home, work)).  Depending on where the full moon lands in your chart, it will indicate more specifically the area of potential struggle or, to see it positively, area of potential growth and release.

The sun seeks freedom, expression, and would love to continually burn brightly.  The moon, however, seeks private space, to be unseen yet supported, to feel safe.  The bright burning embers of the sun connecting fully with the quiet sacredness of the moon is what we feel during a full moon.  Expression could be restricted by the moon’s hesitation to be seen, and the opportunity to release could be hindered by the need to express and be free of certain “feelings”.

The full moon asks if you can find the balance?  As in all aspects of opposition, there is the ability to meet in the middle on the razors edge.  Think two triangles meeting at their points.  The base energy of each is strong, but where they meet is tenuous and requires focus to stay balanced.


The Key to Finding Full Moon Balance :: Match Expression with Personal Safety

This is subjective for each individual, but on both ends, you must find your strongest potential.  Create at least one hour of ME time, where you can express all of your weirdness and unique creative potential in a way that nurtures you deeply.  A bathtub filled with epsom salt, essential oil, and flower petals sounds nice.  Or perhaps an electric guitar, a drink of whiskey, and a blacklit basement is more your style ((this is the Moon aspect)).  Whatever the case, the safest place to cry is your SAFE-ZONE.  This will build the self trust and inner strength necessary to find the opposite end of the spectrum, being seen by the world ((the Sun aspect)).  Many people are simply not comfortable speaking in front of large groups, but if you are, this is a great time to do so.  Brimming with confidence from your recent emotional self nurturing, go out into the world and spread your funky vibes.  However deep you dug into your hole of sacred safety, this is how deep the light of the Sun will allow you to release.

The sun has antimicrobial and antiviral effects, boosting the immune system.  Also the sun lifts mood and creates a feeling of positivity.  By aligning yourself with the sun ((expressing vitally and being seen)) during a time of extreme vulnerability ((full moon)), you are kicking your sadness in the ass.

For some, being seen may be as simple as a trip to the grocery store or a Facebook video about some topic on which you are passionate.  Whatever the case, I suggest not missing the opportunity to be seen.  This will give the underpinnings of self judgement little chance of lasting through the day.

Now let’s get down to the real work 🙂

Full Moon in Your Chart :: House by House Breakdown

**To know where the moon lands in your chart, you will have to your chart information.  There are apps on your phone and websites that will do this for free, just ensure you have your Birth Time and Location for accuracy.**Free Chart Calculator** ((this is just one link, you can find your own, no worries))**

HOW TO READ THIS POST :: In terms of relative importance, these are all applicable.   With number 1 being the most important by far.

  1. The house in which this full moon lands ((where is 24 degrees Pisces in your chart))
  2. The house where your Natal Moon exists ((what house has your Birth Moon))
  3. The house corresponding to your Natal Moon ((i.e. Aries moon = first house, Libra moon = seventh house — each house representing a sing of the zodiac 1-12))
  4. The house corresponding to your sun sign ((i.e. Taurus sun = second house, same as previous idea))

1st House :: you are involving yourself deeply in matters of the heart.  They are almost all encompassing.  Learning about who YOU are, regardless of who is around you.  You may find some folks trying to barge into your personal life, they are here to help you, as long as you can let them in…FRIENDS.

2nd House :: are you willing to share? Get ready to embrace your more stubborn aspects, perhaps even have a financial deal go down around these days.  If you are willing to compromise and go deeper then surface level, you will receive great payoff in a more meaningful fashion, deep psychological healing…OPEN.

3rd House :: find an outlet for your insights.  Maybe a message board or become part of a larger conversation involving multiple topics.  This is a good time to venture from your nest, whether it is in a book, a film, or actually out of your home.  Efforts toward this end will have you feeling more free to be your inspiring self…FOCUS.

4th House :: clean clean clean your home, your inner space, your car, your locker at the gym.  Little things around you and close to you may become bigger, do your part by staying extra clean during this time.  Stay away from substances and foods that pollute your truest home, you body.  Efforts toward this end will garner you the ability to focus and structure with ease…HOME.

5th House :: have you been playing enough?  Are their children in your life?  They may challenge you to stop being so damn serious.  If you think you will be able to execute your “well laid plans” during this time, well, maybe not so much.  Your efforts to let go and find your inner child will be rewarded with maximum positive benefit… JOY!

6th House :: how is your health?  Have you been ignoring nagging or chronic conditions?  Experiencing a flare up during this time would be a sign that you need to work on your daily habits.  Feeling extra vital during this time is a sign that you are “right on track” keep up the good work.  Efforts toward this end will garner you peace a deeper connection to your spirit…HEALTHY HABITS.

7th House :: is your partner grating at you? or lack thereof?  The key is to look deeper into the self.  You are learning about your relationship with YOU.  The pieces that are irritating or sad are the gaps within your self concept.  By filling these in on your own, without assistance from anyone else, you will be creating the type of attractive nature that will immediately reap rewards in self confidence, thus attracting more complete reflection from others, BEING SEEN.

8th House :: how low can you go?  Go deeper… You might not have a choice, it is a great time to look at the netherworld the belies your sunnier disposition.  By doing so, you will receive benefits in the darker times to come.  By looking inward during this transit, you will be strengthening your ability to deal with daily annoyances and challenges.  This too shall pass…HEALING.

9th House :: ahh, the wonder of life.  Just ensure that you find a way to sit still.  Perhaps some yoga is in order, which may feel more appropriate then sitting.  A walk in the woods, a conversation with a long lost friend.  Being still and focusing on the needs of another human being will go a long way right now, and undoubtedly will help you unveil new and interesting avenues of exploration…INSPIRATION.

10th House :: put in the work.  Sit down right now, make a to do list ((no more then 5 per day, 4 is just fine)).  Do all the items on that list, and then stop!!  Now go play in the kitchen, the art studio, on the internet, video games.  Call your silliest family member and let them know you are there for them.  You are a major confidant right now, and your detachment is epic, make good use of it and deepen your ability to listen and support.  This skill is much needed on the earth right now…PURPOSE.

11th House :: buzz buzz, all the ideas swimming through you, what a wonderful time to be alive.  Be careful of both mental and physical tangents, which can lead to emotional confusion and exhaustion.  Take some time to meditate and tune into your body.  The Earth is a school, and for the time that you are incarnated, the body is your laboratory and the world around you the data.  Tuning into your body will garner you major benefits within your personal space, creating more peace and ease…CENTER.

12th House :: where did you go? How many different places can you be at one time?  This is all an illusion, attempt to take the focus off of your feelings and look at the practical side of things.  Is there some way in which you have created a story that doesn’t serve you?  Perhaps there are many?  Your efforts to release story and engage a more practical and analytical side will offer you a stronger feeling of efficacy and identity…BOUNDARIES.

Blessing on this Full Moon and all days to come XxXxX

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