What’s the Deal with this Eclipse? :: Full Moon // Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 9.16.16

First and foremost, how does a lunar eclipse occur?

lunareclipseWell, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.  How selfish of Mother Gaia to soak up all that sunlight and forget about her little cosmic partner in crime!!

Lunar eclipse can only occur during the full moon… Why is this?  Well it’s simple geometry.  If the Sun wasn’t 180 degrees away from the Moon in the zodiac, then there would be no way that Pacha Mama could slide so cleanly in between.  So, happy full moon.

What does a Lunar Eclipse represent?

Jan Spiller, in her book Spiritual Astrology ((co-authored with Karen McCoy)), describes the eclipse patterns in a fascinating an enlightening fashion.  I highly recommend the book to any amateur or professional astrologer ((aren’t we all amateurs)).

Specifically, she speaks of the lunar eclipse to this end… “The lunar eclipse is what you need for your own soul growth pattern: what you have come here to learn, where you hurt, where you need completion.”  Now, she is referring to the eclipse pattern in your chart, and that is a deeper field of study for each individual.  However, this holds true for all of humanity.  The current eclipse pattern ((represented by the sign Pisces)) is the current void or completion point for humanities pressing issues ((and most likely for your internal struggles as well)).

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces :: Putting all the Pieces Together

With this new understanding of the lunar eclipse, let us apply the sign of Pisces ((to get a better understanding of Pisces, check out my previous post Here come the Fishes // Dear Pisces…)).

We are learning to deal with sensitivities, within and without.  Those around you are suffering, so are you.  Those around you are offended easily, so are you.  Those around you need love and compassion, so do you.  How does this inform your process?  In your darkest of hours, when you reach out or curl inward, how do you treat the world around you?  And if you were treated in the exact same fashion, how might you respond?

This back and forth is happening right before your eyes, slow down and take a look.  It may feel these days that, well, karma is a bitch.  I urge you to take a higher perspective, say maybe, what goes around comes around.  Let’s take that one step higher… ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED.

Do you lie? I mean, on some level, we all do.  Have you noticed more about yourself these days?  How the lines between authenticity and self preservation seem to be more parallel then intersecting.  There is grey area everywhere, the only thing that is ubiquitous is a lack of clarity.  I urge you again to take this to a higher level.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  We are in a powerful generator, thus the sensitivity.  Even your cells are more prone to shifting, changing, BEcoming, transforming.


Pisces is opposite Virgo, the lessons brought on by a flash of Piscean download ((lunar eclipse)) are the exact medicine for the recent Virgo overdrive ((mercury retrograde, a year of Jupiter, Sun, North Node)).  All that judgement needs is presence and understanding, and to that end, simply BEing is enough, but there is a caveat, YA GOTTA BE YOURSELF.

In order to give others (pisces) the impression of non judgment and acceptance, you must also give that treatment to yourself.  Where is the balance between private time and everlasting heart connection with your peoples?  Can you find it?  Does it hurt to say goodbye without saying go away?  Is it tough to carve out a space for yourself without carving someone else out of your life?

The on / off switch of intimacy needs a dimmer, and the installation process involves deep emotional renovation and discipline.  Soft tender heart, we all have one, hold it softly and never let it go, you are your own best friend.

Eclipses don’t come around all the time, and don’t expect to incorporate these lessons over the next week.  Some would say that these lessons are eternal, and the eclipse is a peak into their existence, a jab at the wound, a minor surgical procedure to allow for cellular updates.  How would you prepare for surgery?  Maybe you would slow down?  Maybe you would fast, maybe you would eat a bit more.  One thing is for sure, you would reconsider your own existence in some way, expect Friday to rattle something, let it shake away your judgements of others.  Besides, you have absolutely no idea what others are going through, best to clean out that file now and then.

Putting Everything in it’s Right Place :: Let go and Let God6d13cf58739b1478d68132c7bb776675

Pisces eclipse tells us how we have been putting way too much emphasis on appropriating, on putting things in their “right” place.  It is time to release this tendency.  “Right” is subjective, might as well take it to the macro level.

All things ARE in their proper place, as they are, BEing their perfect selves.  Can you float in the ocean of blessings that IS existence?  I’m not asking you to let go of everything ((please continue to pay your dues and rent)) but, can you drop the show of being perfect and pretty?  Of being right and smart and competing for space?  Can you find 10% more acceptance of your reality without an analytical (mercury/virgo) explanation?

God isn’t a man on a cloud, God is neither benevolent of malevolent.  GOD IS, and any assessments beyond that are a projection of our limited human conscoiusness.

Can you take a deep breath and let another be “right”?  Not in their words, but in their expression?  There is a way out of the matrix of disagreement and argument, in fact, there are innumerable ways out.  However, the best one is to tap out of the fight, and tap into that Piscean world of INTERCONNECTEDNESS.

As Above so Below :: As Without so Within

As we move and learn to be more kind and compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others, we would be mistaken to not apply these same energies to our inner world.  An age built on complete self-sacrifice and blending gets us here ((2000 years of Pisces – reference the current failing mindsets of humanity)).

Take care of yourself, in your own weird way, in your own style and fashion, and NEVER apologize for who you are.  Instead of saying “I’m sorry”, try “Thank you for understanding”.  Truth be told, we should understand the trials and tribulations of others…and if someone doesn’t, they aren’t really worth your time.


A Channeling on Dreaming :: Swim Far 

“Your intuitive faculties and the practicalities of life will find you dizzy trying to contrast and compare.  Whether you are here or there, you are obviously everywhere.  Where, then, my friend, is your focus?  Take it to the next level, you float anyway, might as well make it big, make it soft, make it happy, make it sleepy, make it bright, make it…make it…make it YOURS.

Sing your songs to yourself, blend your will with your imagination for once, let it take flight, you are supported.  Your emotions also want to dream, they seek to feel their fullest expression.  My sons and daughter, brother and sisters, friends enemies and lovers, you have yet to see/feel the fullest extent of your emotional possiblities.  Amongst their clouded edges, you will find a new world, the connection point to new dimension of being and feeling, thinking and understanding.  But you have to let it go there.

Your feet ARE on the ground, your mind is in the clouds, your understanding, your perceptions, are all based on your filter.  Turn the kaleidoscope wheel, what do you see?  What do you want to see?  Turn that wheel, guide the ship, choose a direction, and float towards it.  Spread those wings, breathe in the emotional nutrition, let it fill your deep gut, the part of you that wrenches every time you fall from grace.  Feel that fall from grace, and let yourself dance with the divisive self judgement, he/she is here to love you, in his/her own silly way, with all those words and pointed glances.

Smile and back away, hands to heart in prayer, it’s all okay, your world is yours.  Reality, whatever that means, will undoubtedly pull you back when it needs you.  For the time in between those instances, dream a lovely dream, and share the gifts via your self expression.”

Have a beautiful Full Moon and Eclipse

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