Empower Yourself // An Equinox Channeling

Whatever you were taught as a child or as an adult, whatever religious background you come from, whatever spiritual discipline saved you from the brink of disaster, you have the right to know what I am about to share with you.

If you agree with it, well… even better.  The truth is that “agreeing” with something doesn’t actually make it right, and it doesn’t mean that you will apply it to your life.  If we get lost in the words, we are missing the point.  It is the nature of the expression that inspires us.  This is why some people just grab us.  They cause a swell in us, we may call it anger or frustration.  We don’t agree with them, but they still have some sort of mystical power over us.  When this happens, look at the bigger picture.

As I have been told my many a wise being “If you can hate something then you must be in love with it in equal proportion”

Find the love aspect in these situations, and you will live a much less stressful life.  You will be more empowered and clear.

The key to living a fulfilling life is the ability to observe your reactions, then choose your response.

When you find this seat of balance, challenges become duties and tasks offered by existence to expand your reality, to tweak your perception towards peace and joy.  As you observe the world around you, you foster understanding and compassion ((ever noticed how the world needs more of that?)).  As you allow yourself to have sometimes violent internal reactions, as you observe them, allowing the smoke to clear, you are fostering an accepting view towards your innate human self.  That autonomic reaction of anger and hatred and jealousy, don’t waste your time trying to NOT have these reactions.  Invest your  loving nature and gaze in parenting these protective and innate processes.

As you watch and learn from your animalistic self, free of judgement and criticism, you allow the chemicals and hormones to distribute throughout your body.  As they settle into your cells, you are peaceful, relaxed, yet primed for appropriate action towards your intended goal.

Go Get IT!!

A Channeling on Self Empowerment

“You are the key and the lock, repeat after me, you are the key and the lock.  God lives inside you.  Your world is wrought with ideas and dogma about this outer God, we are here to tell you that this is a choice to see things in such a way, we offer another perspective.

The word God is littered with tragic and misappropriated energies and intentions.  Wars have been fought in the name, people tortured, children raped.

Something went wrong for humanity, maybe, or is it just a lesson that needed to be learned.  Whatever the case, it is clearly something that humanity does not need to continue.

Whatever your definition of God, we ask you to either forget or renounce it for just a moment… if you cannot, then we warn you that you are not seeking God, you are seeking a security blanket.

Find the power that you apply to the idea of God and apply it to yourself, along with the responsibility and unconditional love necessary to embody such a power.  using rationale like “it is God’s will” or even “it wasn’t meant to be” can no longer be used as an excuse for not reaching your ultimate state of perpetual joy.

No God wants your power, and if you have been told It does, I ask you to quietly meditate on this idea and reconsider.  No one is waiting to judge you, or for that matter judging you right at this moment.  You are perfect how you are, in this multitude of possible realities, there is only so much you can focus on at once.  It is your job, if you seek bliss, to ensure that your focus is on the highest vibration possible.

Try this on for size, you will quickly find that your petty disputes inside and outside of yourself begin to resolve at a rapid pace.  If, in the end, we return to the body of God, might as well get started on the journey by embodying and refining the GodSelf ((that shining point in you that expresses the divine infinite space within all of us)).”

Blessings :: James “StarMan” Ray

About the Author ::  James Ray is a gifted Astrologer, Psychic, and Empath with a way of seeing directly into the souls of his clients through the lens of his own heart. Using the clarity of his Aquarian mind he can pinpoint areas that may be problematic for you; and offer grounded and practical advice for looking at these issues.

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