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If I told you I got tired of talking about new and full moons, would you believe me?  I am a cancer rising with a virgo moon, one could literally describe me as a walking talking moon.  Since beginning my radio show, astrological patterns have inundated my world like never before ((don’t know about the show, check the bottom of this page)).

I watch post after post on my news feed expressing how each new and full moon is the BEGINNING or the END of something.  How THIS will be the moment that you galvanize the degree of magic necessary to push through and manifest your deepest desires… Now I love this type of thinking, and blessings to you if that is how you choose to live, but I gotta tell you, the moon just keeps on moving, and so should you.

Eclipses are one things, Jupiter or Saturn, Uranus or Neptune changing signs… these are monumental events.  Heck, even the sun changing signs is a more significant shift then a new or full moon.  The moon is about this exact cycle, the up and down, the in and out, the back and forth.  It is not about what is at the depth or the fringe, NO, it is about the flow.  And just like the tides themselves, they carry little pieces of sand and coral and shell either TO THE BEACH, or carry them FROM THE BEACH, returning them back to the salty ocean.

Does the beach mourn the loss of the sand?  Does the ocean feel empty after losi652ef07a2098db4a66b92c6f818900feng granules of calcified mollusk home?  Crap, I don’t know, maybe.  Or perhaps there is a beautiful balance.  Picture the lost materials as the dotted eyes of the yin yang symbol.

Giving and receiving, the earth and the ocean, your body and your soul, your heart and the heart of another person ((perhaps your lover, perhaps your daughter, perhaps a stranger)).

You are not giving yourself away, you are simply offering that granule of finely sculpted and tumbled earth known as sand.  An exchange of water for earth, of love for flesh, of sweat for money, of blood for tears.  We are the waves and we are the beach, each of us, simultaneously playing out our roles in each others lives.  Do your best to not get in the way of this divine and cyclical transaction.

The moon keeps us on time, as it changes directions ((full, new, and quarter moons)), be sure to do some extra letting go to allow your internal compass to reset.

Channeling the Moon :: The Truth about Magic


“Every moment is the moment of change and transition.  The degree of magic that you seek is available 24/7, 365 days a year.  The intensity of sed magic is infinitely more potent and omnipresent then you could ever imagine.  The moon doesn’t create the magic, but the turning points create a lull and a pause/explosion in the cycle that allows us to “see more clearly” or “grab more ether/energy/prana”.

You will not gain from a moon turn if you can’t let go.  When I say let go, I mean to say,  release your control, physically, mentally, and emotionally if you can.  Realize that your judgements of self and others are your version of controlling the world.  You are literally telling the universe WHAT IT IS.  With this enhanced perception on judgements, do you still want to continue the practice of BEING RIGHT at all costs?

I am not speaking about arguments with other people politically, at work, or on the bus… NO, I am speaking about your internal world, about the desire to KNOW what is coming and what is happening.  I am talking about being so prepared for every moment that you miss the opportunity to have magic take you by the heart and seduce the pants right off of you.

You know what is true magic?  When you have a moment of insight about a trauma from the past.  When you are staring at your smart phone and you suddenly realize that you were in the wrong in a previous relationship, in some small way.  You sit there, you think to yourself “oh damn, that was my bad”.  In the flash of an instant, you have forgiven the other person, and you have accepted responsibility.  You have literally taken back a piece of yourself, and made the world a safer place for the other party.”

Forgiveness is magic, may the powers that be within and without us bless us all to find more grace and forgiveness in all times in all ways.  AMEN!

I bet you thought you were about to read an article about this new moon… Well, gotcha Xx.  But seriously, here you go lovers.


New Moon @ 8° Libra  9.30.16 

8:12 PM Eastern 5:12 PM Pacific 

If you are living in the United States, you will be waking up to the moon having moved into the sign of Libra.  ((The moon moves about 1/2° per hour)) So in my eyes, this wakes up the new moon vitality.  The moon in the previous sign of Virgo, well, the moon in Virgo never actually rests, it considers what resting might be like, analyzing the benefits of rest until it decides that “YES, rest is a good thing, we shall have rest, right after we finish this email”.  Anywho, the moon will hit Libra and we will feel the drop into the new moon lull… lull… lullaby….

This, however, won’t last too long, because that lullaby energy will sweetly and softly approach Jupiter in the sky.  What does this mean?  Well, to make it simple, Jupiter expands things, it is the great initiator, so… Get ready to get initiated into what a new moon in Libra actually means.

New moons are generally low energy, they are more associated with the depressed or “sad” side of the cycle ((full moons being the mania aspect)).  Jupiter is associated with possibility through expansion, so expect to have a lot of options around your “depressed” emotional state governed by Libra.  To me, it all boils down to this…

Turn your back on yourself today, and you are royally screwed.  Just before the new moon drops you fully into the truth about self, you are being shown the pathway out ((Jupiter)) or further in ((Jupiter)) if you choose.  Jupiter is helping us to remember that joy can be found in the darkest of hours, and unlike happiness which is fleeting, joy is everlasting.

Notice the signs throughout your day, they might not be around later as the moon moves closer to the sun ((remember that a new moon is a sun/moon conjunction)).  Whatever the case, rally the inner troops for one final push.  When the workday ends, go read a book, for pleasure or study, and let the new moon energy wash over you.

This is only a tough aspect if you make it that way.  Want more evidence besides the Jupiter support?  Well fine then, I’ll tell you about it…

Venus in Scorpio Trining Neptune in Pisces… Let’s talk shop…  Aspects don’t get much more pleasant then this, and this will linger into Saturday. It may feel during this day that the beauty of the universe is everlasting, and it is your duty to enjoy it.  Two water signs, so expect this to seep into emotions and create a nice trine with any aspects in the sign of Cancer ((rules the moon, family, home)).  If you are a cancer sun sign, cancer moon, or cancer rising, check you chart, anything around 9°?  This could be a major point in your year of blessings.  Don’t have your chart or know how to read one –> Contact James Ray for a reading <–

When you put all these pieces together, you can really see that this moon is designed to “lift us up where we belong”.  The struggle will be to let go of control, and my friends, that is it.  Open up and RECEIVE, be ready to make peace with long standing enemies, most of them within yourself, and the others simply projections of your own fractured self image.

Yes I never mentioned the Black Moon, it just doesn’t grab me, there are plenty of other people willing to dialogue about it.  Enjoy yourselves.

Blessings on the Lunar Love

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