Jupiter Square Mars // 10.5.16

Jupiter ((Libra 5°)) Square Mars ((Capricorn 5°))

Jupiter is the great initiator, the planet of unlimited possibility and potential.  It therefore rules the qualities of joy and expansion.  When in Libra, Jupiter represents these qualities in the form of how and where we seek harmony.  With Jupiter in Libra, expect the issues of romance, partnership ((be they business, personal, or romantic)), and harmonic balance to shine.  The truth will bring you freedom… AHEM… “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”

For more info on Jupiter in Libra transit, which occurs for the next year ((until October 2017)) follow this link Everything you need to know about Jupiter into Libra // 9.9.16 – 10.10.17 :: Free Audio Download <– Trust me this is good stuff.

Mars is the planet of passionate drive.  Mars is pure energy, allowing us to access physical determination and willpower.  Mars is the masculine embodiment within a planet.  With Mars in Capricorn, we see the energy of willpower coming through to undertake very practical tasks.  Remodeling a house, building new connections, cleaning out a garage and pairing down possessions.  Whenever Mars is in an earth sign, expect to get things done…when it is in Capricorn, expect to get the MOST done.

A square denotes an interaction between two planets 90° apart.  In this case, Mars and Jupiter are in cardinal signs, Capricorn and Libra respectively @ 5°.  When a square occurs, the two planets in question are considered to be challenging one another, they are not at odds with each other specifically, but they are fighting for your attention.  During a square, the greatest gift is that you can only focus on one of the Planets at a time.  If one dominates and cannot be accepted or worked through, the other may never be addressed and can lead to serious frustration and stress.

Here is what it looks like ((all other planets removed))

Exact @ 5:20 PM Eastern 2:20 PM Pacific


In this case, Wednesday October 5th, here are some rules to follow to access this beautifully laid out potential…

The outer planet always rules the interactions/aspects between planets, in this case Jupiter in Libra.  Mars is the secondary and more the receiver of Jupiter’s energy in this case.  Jupiter in Libra, as we mentioned earlier, represents the optimistic, joyous, and positive possibilities in relationships.  Mars in Capricorn represents energy and drive to complete tasks and get things done.



If you can find a way to focus on the positive aspects of your close relationships, despite the challenges they show you, you will unlock the unfathomable potential for productivity in your personal, professional, and romantic life.


On the opposite side of the coin, if you are focusing on how you were hurt or wronged, or blaming others for your predicament, you may feel royally blocked, and unable to access this amazing mars potential.


What is your relationship to the past?  We are in the middle of the high holy days in the Judaic faith.  Whether you are religious or not, these are powerful days with roots going back thousands of years.  During this time, it is especially helpful to consider how you can release the “hot coals of anger and hatred” from your mental and soul memory.

Find yourself in a serene place, seeing all the situations that have happened in your past, and gently release them as you would flower petals onto a flowing stream.  You will find extra support during this time and especially this day for such a practice.


Blessings and PLEASE follow…

XxXx StarMan James XxXx

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