Full Moon in Aries 10.15 // Get over it, get on with it!

Eastern @ 12:22 AM 10.16.16 <><><> Pacific @ 9:22 PM 10.15.16

This Saturday night’s moon will indeed bring about a significant release.  However, do not expect the watery, cry your eyes out, journaling type of event.  No, this is a culmination of frustrated energies being released in a cacophony of pure magical self expression.

Let expression be thy ceremony

We have recently been put through the ringer of an eclipse cycle that seemed to “block out” the sun and moon ((hehe I kid)).  This is the first pure full moon in a couple of months and it will be super sized by the impact of the planet Uranus ((the ruler of Aquarius)).  The laser beams of high standards matched with playful detachment will engross this full moon and lead to some “unusual” experiences to say the least.  A keynote of Uranus is “change”… so, this moon will shift things.  What type of things, well, for a detailed look at how the full moon will affect your life, you will need to understand where the moon lands in your chart ((Connect with StarMan James for a reading if need be > click here)).

12:22 AM (Sunday) Eastern  9:22 PM (Saturday) Pacific   Sun 23° Libra, Moon 23° Aries, Uranus 22° Aries

As for the general picture, to start, let’s talk about the light of our lives… the sun.

The sun resides firmly in the last decan of Libra.  To understand this, think Libra with a Gemini twist.  Sharp insights coming from a place of truth, not always finding you in the ways you may expect.  This is the energy reflecting off of the moon that we see as the “full moon”.  The moon is always full, there is never a piece missing, it’s all there.  However, during a full moon, we are privy to the side of the moon that is lit by the glorious sun, always keep that in mind.

What about the moon?  The moon itself will land in the sign of Aries @ 23°.  Aries moon does not stop, does not take prisoners, is a warrior unto itself.  During an Aries moon we are likely to feel secure, safe, and complete via the beginning of activities, through destroying that which doesn’t work, and through the action of being actively expressed.  Aries moon is a time to be seen.  Imagine being the only person on a dance floor and breaking it down.  Does this frighten you?  Well, Aries moon says “get over it, I’m hot shit and I’m gonna boogie.”

What did you say about Uranus?

Well, I’m glad you asked… Uranus will be just 1 degree away from the Moon at the time of the full moon, meaning it is also just 1 degree away from a perfect opposition to the Sun.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that Uranian influence is very prevalent.  The expressive nature of Libra will be balanced with the fast twitch, know it all, wiser then the average bear energy of Uranus.  Meanwhile, the moon will not be shy to express itself.  It may feel that someone has “spiked the punch”, this is Uranus conjunct Aries moon ((buzz buzz)).

Remember, that with Uranus involved, she kind of takes over the whole operation here.  As a rule, the planet furthest from the sun rules the aspects ((interaction between planets)).  This makes Uranus the ruler.  Uranus is the planet of revolution, of rebellion, of being… well, different.  Think about Aquarius…. go ahead…. take a minute….. it’s a lot to consider….

Uranus Dragon

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, expect things to be different during this full moon, and also to have been permanently changed afterwards.  Aquarians and uranus transits are famous for their “downloads of information”, so stay open and present.  This is the point where I would usually tell you to start writing intentions and thinking about what you want to release and build… but…. NOPE.

Not this time Jack..errr…Jill.  No, in fact, this time I want you to stay away from practices like this.  I don’t want to see you huddled in a corner with a candle and some crystals writing down what you would like to release.  I want you throwing parties, gathering like minded “outside the box” characters in your home to play all night and be weird.

Uranus will resist you.  It will build up inside of you and manifest the opposite of that which you plan, just so that you can learn in that fashion.  The key to working with Uranus is to GO-WITH-THE-FLOW.

If you are familiar with planetary symbolisms, here is a great tip for this full moon.  Consider Saturn, the ruler of time, of structure, of things like government and bureaucracy.  Saturn rules the bones and the skin, how they hold things in place.  Wherever you are Saturnian ((Saturnal??)), this full moon will break you down at the foundation.  Lower aspects of Saturn are almost all related to being OVERLY CONTROLLING.  For instance, if you are dominating someone around you, shit might just hit the fan this weekend.  If you are very specific about the way you mange TIME, this weekend may be a doozie for you.  However, if you are someone who is overly relaxed, the full moon may bring up some situations for you to start taking action and looking at the details of your life a little closer.  Final note, for all my big city people reading…

If you work too damn hard, put down your phone this weekend.  You are primed for some self growth that has NOTHING to do with typical ways of growing a business.

If you let yourself go with the flow, you will likely meet a person who will benefit you greatly in business down the road.  Stay open, NO EXPECTATIONS please.

I love you

Putting it all Together

As you have probably picked up by now, this weekend should be a good time, but here are some things to look out for…

  • be open minded and don’t expect others to understand as much as relate
  • put down the 9-5 networking mentality, great opportunities will come when you relax and let loose
  • be yourself in a new and profound way, wear something odd, be someone that you would want to hang out with.  People pleasing will be snuffed out quickly
  • take meditation breaks.  The moon in aries is already a high energy time, the uranus conjunction adds an element of electrified air to the mix, you’ll need to recharge and reboot now and then ((5 minutes makes all the difference)).
  • stay hydrated, stay grounded.  Again, this is a lot of energy, and sleep may feel less then restful from Thursday night through the weekend.  Eat meals while sitting down, this isn’t the best time to fast.
  • stay positive.  There is a time and a place for talking about the ills of the world and the past… this ain’t the time.  Uranus and Aries ask us to move on and engage the beautiful possibilities of the future.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Aquamarine… to soothe and gently open the throat chakra
  2. Petrified Wood… spread out the downloading energy, gently ground to earth mother
  3. Watermelon Tourmaline… soften the heart, express joy


XxX Shake it up during these lunar vibes XxX

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