Understand Your Power

we make too many things
we consume too many things
there is tragedy in triumph
the unseen suffering of millions
ironically not televised on the machines
these peoples built at slave wages
I surrender
I forgive
I allow the spirit to guide me
I am not responsible for the actions of my ancestors
I am not responsible for the emotions you elicit
in response to my souls calling
for attention and intention
to become the center point
of life lived worth living
of God embodied
not “god” the judge
not “god” the saint
not “god’ the sinner
I am not responsible for your silly system
and it’s wacky confusing dynamics
filled with selfish earth-destroying beings
confusingly doing the “right thing” while
more then to glue
and tape together
the failing economic structure
built on whiteness
built on slavery
built on homophobia
and poisoning
its people
regardless of race, color, creed, gender
the truth is out there
it’s just a bit deeper then the lies
keep digging
resist the urge to fight
no one really cares
about your half baked opinions
on political issues
sorry to be so blunt
what you actually intend
is to create the change
to be the wave
that knocks the bearings loose
from the machine
that drives down through
the Earth
to steal her life blood
her juice
go against your fellow man/woman/human
and see your hopes and visions crumble
into a dystopian world view where
YOU, yes YOU
can be victim
number one
A pathetic story unfolds in front our eyes
as we sit bickering over the size of hands
that grab pussy
and may potentially
push buttons
unleashing massive waves
of pain
of destruction
where have your hands been?
pointing fingers
allowing in the bread of shame
it’s little wonder
why you blame
another for your failings
you were never taught any better
take the opportunity
to put the differences aside
whether you fought in a war
or on the street from a crooked cop
people have died
from the callous sleeping actions
of the few who think they know
who think they are
better then you
who think they know
what’s best for you

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