Annular Eclipse in Libra 10.14.2023 :: Eccentric Expression / Uncomfortable Change

What is an eclipse and why does it happen? Annular indicating a partial eclipse in which the Moon obscures the center of the Sun but not it's entirety. There will be a bright ring around the Sun. So technically, this is not a total eclipse, but a very specific partial eclipse. The alignment is there, … Continue reading Annular Eclipse in Libra 10.14.2023 :: Eccentric Expression / Uncomfortable Change

The Sun Sends Love

The transformation is uncomfortable. The space cleared is asking for something new to come forth. Old habits and patterns have ceased to express themselves. There is an increasing awareness that is sweeping humanity. Patterns, once seen, can never be unseen. There is an opening, the distance between the pattern and your awareness. A spotlight on … Continue reading The Sun Sends Love

We are all Extra Terrestrial

We can't conceive of that which has yet to be conceived. Sometimes we just can't see something because our limited perception doesn't have a reference point for finding it. The idea of other beings living on other planets is pretty easy to consider for me. I look at the way we peer into the life … Continue reading We are all Extra Terrestrial

Ignition – August 2020

There is always more to life than meets the eye. Our bodies have evolved in a very specific way to take in information. To say the least, this way of taking in information is basic. Remember, the body is not in charge of your soul, of your empowered destiny. If you give your basic instincts … Continue reading Ignition – August 2020