We are all Extra Terrestrial

We can’t conceive of that which has yet to be conceived. Sometimes we just can’t see something because our limited perception doesn’t have a reference point for finding it.

The idea of other beings living on other planets is pretty easy to consider for me. I look at the way we peer into the life of micro organisms. We probe the oceans and observe beings that, prior to this time in human history, were completely science fiction.

The delineation between ‘terrestrial’ and ‘extraterrestrial’ is a bit confused. The atmospheric boundary to our Earth leaves us without oxygen to breathe. It is a cold dark place with a different gravity. To journey to these spaces physically is to take on tremendous risks. ‘Outer’ space is not so welcoming.

Everything stated above could also be said for our oceans. The depth of the Mariana trench is more than the height of Mt. Everest. The pressure of the water is enough to crush your body, the temperature will have you hypothermic in no time. Light doesn’t reach those depths, bring a headlamp.

Submarine exploration of the ocean bottom has shown us life that, for lack of better term, appears extra terrestrial.

Everything that we have not seen before is ‘alien’ to us. There are stories of the American Natives not being able to see the massive ships as they were on the horizon, almost as if they had no way of understanding what they were seeing. I would add that there was a distinct technological and cultural gap here as well. For instance, if you knew what a car looked like, you may not be suprised by a truck. If you didn’t use anything motorized, then a car or truck would likely befuddle you.

If life from another planet were traveling via a technology that we have yet to grasp as humankind, perhaps we wouldn’t even notice them. If they were speaking in a form in which we have neither listened nor spoke, how would we hear them?

To me it seems inevitable that there is life within our galaxy or even solar system. Whether we find what we consider ‘life’ on Mars or any other planet is, in some ways, unimportant. At this point in our socio-technological evolution on Earth, we are looking for things that are somewhat familiar. I’m not an expert on these things, but I do know that we look for ‘signs’ of ‘life’. Both the signs and the life are bound to have narrow definitions through our eyes.

Perhaps ET life is beyond our scope of understanding. Maybe we wouldn’t even consider it life, from our current vantage point. Many claim to connect with other worldly beings in their meditations, medicine journeys, NDE’s, and sometimes just in revelatory daily life experiences. People say that they are contacted in dreams or through the sounds in nature.

As we wake up to the potential within ourselves, we encourage the universe to find us. As we learn new inner technologies like self healing, discipline of the mind, the power of the breath, opening the pineal gland, and the power of forgiveness… we open our hearts and lives to beings who are on the same frequency.

Like speaking a different language, there is an energetic and dimensional barrier between us and other beings. When we practice and encourage the growth of extra sensory perception (intuition), we are likely to notice things that we didn’t notice before. As our cultures and societies open up to new and refreshing technologies, we are likely to encounter new territory. The part of ourselves therein is, in fact, alien to us. We didn’t know what we could do, then we know it. It’s almost as if a new piece of ourselves just came out of nowhere.

When the time is right, humanity will reach a similar point. We will find a common vibrational ground that fosters communication with beings from outside of our atmosphere. Maybe they will be physical. Maybe they will appear as messages or simply as light. The point is, I have no idea about the things I have no idea about.

If, and this is a big if, other beings wanted to contact us, but knew that we wouldn’t understand, perhaps they would find a way to transduce their message so that we could hear and receive it.

Spirit speaks. Yes, the part we don’t see. The same is potentially true about our galactic neighbors. When it comes to spirit, or god, the key is to have faith. Expect miracles! When it comes to our ET friends, just look around, see what comes through. Be willing to hear from them. Ask them what they think about the way that Hollywood has portrayed them.

The time has come, we gotta do our own thing. As we step into the Aquarian age, I don’t expect anyone to know what is going on better than me. The same is true for each person, no more following. Open up and see what you can tap into, it is your right.

I have always had a distinct awareness that I am not from here. As I have grown older, I now wonder if that is just the space between my personality and the general consensus. The distance between ‘here’ and my ‘heart’ is quite vast, especially when in American ‘society’. When I first stepped into metaphysical circles, I was convinced I was an alien. I have had about a dozen experiences where my mind goes blank and messages come through and visions begin. These are not under the influence of psychedelics. These experiences were often after a deep emotional purge. In fact, one of the messages told me ‘we live in a field similar to your deepest emotions’. I have tried from time to time to reconjure this emotional depth, but honestly it’s not very comfortable.

As I began to watch the world through different eyes, I started to understand that almost all people feel alienated. I began to understand why so many people never leave their hometown. Why humans as a whole are so easy to manipulate and coerce with social pressure. We are all a bit lonely and lost out here. We, as a race, are on a floating rock that is chasing a burning star through the galaxy. We are all Extra Terrestrial to everywhere then the terra we stand on.

Regardless of whether or not you feel at home here on Earth, your awareness is always your home, and that resides within you. 800 million light years away, you still have that centered point of awareness through which you experience your reality.

There is tremendous variety amongst the human race. I’m not talking about skin color or physical attributes. In that sense, we are almost identical. I am talking about the souls that express themselves through these very similar bodies. When you get to know people, beyond their physical trappings, you will realize that the entire universe is represented here on Earth, in one form or another.

So my journey isn’t about going anywhere other than here. Sure, when I die, something different will happen… not exactly sure what. For now, I am going to get to know as much about myself, the world around me, and the soul level love of every being I come in contact with.

Attempting to escape a life experience is kind of pointless. If I feel a certain way, I will work to restructure my outer world. If that outer world refuses to change, I will walk move on. I will, however, not flee or attempt to escape this life. This life is a blessing, and a very interesting one indeed.

I am not a believer in suffering now to feel better later. Pain and suffering happen, but so do pleasure and joy. Throughout our lives, we can strike a balance and create a consistent and thriving sense of personal bliss.

This life is here for me, so I’m gonna live it. I’m clocking in as ‘James’ the ‘human’ and we will see how it goes.

Xx Stay open … Stay blessed xX

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