Full Moon in Libra // Completing a Healing Circuit

Not much has felt easy in the past year and a half. Things are certainly transforming at a deep level. Never before has the world been so connected. Whether by joy, social media, or tragedy… our interconnectedness has been on full display.

March arrived with new promises. Without direct aspects between outer planets, we found a place where we can stand still within ourselves and get back to personal work. Finding our inner balance has been quite the task in recent times, as the outer planets dance so intimately, the bigger picture shifts like sand beneath our feet.

So in the quietude of March, we hear the roar of the inner being. Integrating lessons is never a quick and perfect job. It takes time, it takes iterations, trial and error. What is it about ME that makes the world seem as it is? The month of March affords us the opportunity to see just how much recent events have impacted us.

The traumas of our life manifest as energy patterns in our system. Compulsive flow of electricity through painful and disturbing circuits in our brains and bodies. With enough love and nurturance, we can allow the core trigger to finally release it’s hooks from our deepest parts.

That is exactly what this past few weeks has been about. Come hell or high water, we are primed to let go. On the new moon in Pisces just a few weeks prior, Chiron and Ceres came together @ 8° Aries. These two blend in a very interesting way.

Chiron and Ceres :: It’s about nurturance

Learning how to take care of ourselves in the ways that were challenging before. Represented by the conjunction of Ceres and Chiron. We have places where it’s been unusually challenging to help ourselves (chiron). We may be over giving or offering our gifts in the wrong places, it happens. Ceres is coming through at the new moon to remind us that in order to thrive and heal we have to nurture ourselves. The internal momma is powerful and supportive. Sometimes she has to choose her own child over the rest of the world… choose the inner child, chose you.The key is patience. Being patient with the self implies faith in the process. When we rush through things, we disregard divine timing in exchange for intense pressure. The points where we need the deepest healing are often traumatized. Every bit of pressure becomes a trigger that simply feeds the reactive trauma cycle. Show yourself patience, in all ways always. There is no timeline for healing. Keep nurturing yourself with love, space, time, energy, food, sunshine, exercise.It is through this process that we all become stronger. Helping others is a secondary path

So now we have the Sun and Venus at this point 8° Aries, at the apex of the Lunar cycle that began two weeks ago. The moon looms in opposition in Libra, holding space for accountability and loyalty, as we dig deeply into our personal reserves of self love. Sometimes there is no one that can help us. Often the most efficient path is to help ourselves as soon as there is a sign of difficulty. If others don’t understand that you care about yourself first, they may not be in your best interest.

As we complete this healing circuit, your body may be calling out to you for something. You must listen in order to capitalize. This period of time is a respite, but only if you are willing to put down the incessant need for validation and acknowledgement. This might sound serious, but really it isn’t, it’s actually quite basic.

Let others take care of themselves.
Listen to your BODY!
Stand up for your autonomy and needs.

Feed yourself!
Reserve the right to sleep or rest when needed.

Sleep is the most productive time for your physical body!
Say NO to the things that aren’t a 100% YES!

Be grateful for the life you have, be at peace with silence…

The Mars retrograde from 2020 has yet to be integrated. As we step into Aries season, we begin to re establish our basic actions and motivations. The full and new moons in Aries should help us achieve the changes that Mars Rx was begging for. The presence of Venus throughout this cycle speaks to a time when we will FEEL that shift.

Your DNA is constantly being altered and changed. Thoughts and experiences carry specific frequency and touch us at our core level. The energy body of the Earth is also vibrating differenlty these days, our bodies are intimately connected to this as well. If you feel something deep and mysterious happening within you… don’t freak out!

Take a minute or ten to sit alone in a quiet space. Breathe deeply and thank your body for all that it does for you. Extend your gratitude out to the furthest reaches of the universe. Sit back and feel the waves return.

The integration of DNA upgrade is, honestly, a hot mess, so if things seem out of wack, that’s totally okay. Remember that this part of the journey is about the individual. The key is to find your center and work from there. Outside sources of energy and advice may fail you, but that just motivates you to become stronger internally.

You are just as loved as the day you were born, this will never change. Please give yourself a break and honor your individuality. No one knows what is best for you.


If you are being sold something. If you are being convinced that something is GOOD for you. You don’t need it.

Xx Welcome to the upgrade. Receive it, don’t force it. xX


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