The Loving Gaze

Do your best to not react in fear over potential outcomes. It may behoove you to consider the future when planning your life. However, if you begin to feed any certain timeline with energy, you are drawing it into reality. As we are sharing this time and space on Earth, I don't believe that you will cause exactly what you think. But, in the long run, you certainly wouldn't be adding anything positive to the moment by indulging fearful future realities.

If you are finding it challenging to see brighter days or beneficial outcomes, try to find a place that is in the NOW, where the future is simply a possibility. Look around you, extend your arms out.Close your eyes and notice how your body feels. 

Think about what you will do tomorrow, then this evening, then in an hour, then with your next thought. Slowly bring yourself back to the moment.

Our attention is the vision and focus of the soul. 

It is a massive gift that we can point in any direction. Unlike our physical eyes, that can look all around in space, our attention can look into different realities and timelines.

Just as it is important to watch what we see with our physical eyes, it is also vital that we watch where we are looking with our attention. Through bringing ourselves back to the moment, our eyes are focused on what is closest and most intimate.

I like to think of my attention as my 'loving gaze'. Whatever I pay attention to, there are laser beams of acceptance and unconditional love being sent in that direction, that time, that space, that reality. As you sink back into the moment and your present surroundings, allow everything to be bathed in this radiant glow of your loving awareness.

I'm certainly not the first person to speak of this. Whatever mindfulness techniques or models you know of, take some time today to reacquaint yourself with them. Teachers are infinite, choose the ones that work for you.


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As a Healer and Astrologer, James uses his gifts of intuition, wisdom, and empathy to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients. He speaks the language of astrology in ways that are practical and responsible, enabling the client to benefit deeply from each session. 

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