Stop Managing Your Life and Live it

PHOTO :: Boucher Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park Can you enjoy something without judging it? Maybe the positive result is the experience itself! There is no limit to the beauty in our lives. The moment that one experience passes through us, a new one has already begun. Our mind is our tool for navigating this … Continue reading Stop Managing Your Life and Live it

Breaking Through : Claiming You

With as many distractions and challenges that are currently thrown your way, you are really being tested. The day is the night, the night is the day, things are kind of out of wack. An essential part of deconstruction is the ability to change at the very core. Where we find ourselves comfortable, there is … Continue reading Breaking Through : Claiming You

The Loving Gaze

Do your best to not react in fear over potential outcomes. It may behoove you to consider the future when planning your life. However, if you begin to feed any certain timeline with energy, you are drawing it into reality. As we are sharing this time and space on Earth, I don't believe that you … Continue reading The Loving Gaze