Breaking Through : Claiming You

With as many distractions and challenges that are currently thrown your way, you are really being tested. The day is the night, the night is the day, things are kind of out of wack.

An essential part of deconstruction is the ability to change at the very core. Where we find ourselves comfortable, there is no longer comfort. A feeling of ill at ease as if the skin crawls. The skin is crawling, it is being shed.

None of what we’ve been told or what we think is actual truth. Truth is truth and needs no polite or dominating voice to express it. What stands at the core of you has not often been expressed. Through the shedding of inner layers we are getting in touch, back in touch.

Through the failings of the current medical, political, economic, familial, and religious systems… we are pushed out into the middle of the ocean. No paddle, no boat, just our dreams and efforts to keep us afloat.

You have no interest in keeping up with the Jones’ when you realize they are an ideal set forth to spur your mindless efforts and productivity. The same systems that keep the majority of wealth and security in the hands of the few, are the same ones that attempt to tell you what is just, right, and moral.

Values aren’t to be decided by anyone other than you. Collapsing your energy field into the mainstream narratives and polarized debates is below you and you know it. You can always see when you are disempowering yourself by the way you treat other people. If the movement you join requires the scapegoating of any group or viewpoint, you are being duped and sucked dry.

Society as an Experiment

The collective experiment that we call society is just that, an experiment. In an experiment there are the participants and those who study the participants. Being one or the other does not make you an authority on or subservient to the other. We are all just part of a bigger experience called consciousness. Once you realize this, the experiment and its various rules become a moot point. Those who are egotistically identified with their role in the experiment (society) will refuse to accept the trivial nature of society itself. They will have some sort of rhetorical grounds on why it’s just so important to play your role and do your best. Those who do no benefit from society are more likely to question its rules and rhetoric. Those who are at the ‘lower levels’ of the societal strata (when they can get their heads above water) will desire revolution, rebellion, change, and at the very least, dialogue about the current issues.

As the wealth consolidates into less and less hands, more and more participants are beginning to say ‘what the f&ck?’. In this experiment we call American society, many more are on the ‘losing’ or ‘non-beneficial’ end of the game. As we begin to see the collapse of the matrix (false structures upholding the experiment) through exposure of information, lies, and following the money… we have the opportunity to escape the brainwash and programming that we all took on as naive participants.

People used to think that all military actions were noble causes… not quite.
People used to think that America was a democracy… not quite.
People used to think that if you work hard enough, you will have watch you need to get by and thrive… not quite.
People used to think that they could trust their doctors… not quite.
That the news told the truth… that fluoride is good for you… that smoking cigarettes was healthy…

The point here is that these things are the glaringly obvious lies. At one point, they were taken as truth, we must deconstruct. There are an infinite amount of ways that we have all been deluded and deluded ourselves.

The Personal Revolution

While I put society on blast, I will admit that a society and community can only reflect the collective energies of it’s participants. This is why the personal revolution is the one that leads to the collective uprising and flowering.

Spurred forward by false beliefs and crippling shame, we have inner worlds that hold us back. Hiding our difficulties from the world has taught us to hide from ourselves.

Who can bear the weight of a constant awareness of their own brokenness (shame). In order to carry these false beliefs, we have to tuck them into the shadow realms where they explode now and then in embarassing and cathartic release at those we love the most.

Due to the quickening of evolution, this is no longer as easy of an option. Call it the astrology, call it the galactic core alignment, call it the apocalypse, call it solar flares… whatever it is, truth is coming to the surface.

In our physical and psychological fortresses, we are being invaded. Your repression and the gravity of your shadow is a call for the invasion of light. A painful experience, to be seared with the truth of your own value. To glean for a moment that you have been carrying a lie against yourself, tragic.

It is up to each and every individual to take on their false beliefs. It is up to you and I to reframe the universe to fit our personal value. It really doesn’t matter how you do it. Transformation takes on many forms.

As the light causes the shadow beliefs to shrivel and squeal, you may feel as if you are dying. Repressed and hidden feelings are more in the driver’s seat than we would ever know. That is the universe’s way of letting us know something needs attention. Our sicknesses and fears are bubbling up through the cracks in our faulted foundations, and now it is time to relieve that pressure so that we may live on stable and fertile ground.

The Longest Journey

This time of societal and personal revolution is simply the awakening… the beginning. The longest journey still awaits us. For we have yet to be equipped with our potent and divine gifts and medicines.

As we begin to don our coats of light, we will step into a new era where nothing is as it was prior. Before this awakening, we have, inadvertently, rigged the game against ourselves. Now we begin a new chapter with the pieces in the right places. We begin the new phase with a balanced and refreshed approach. This is a whole new game. The path that brought us here is just a whisper in the wind, one that we may just want to give back to the ether, a pleasing and satisfying farewell.

New Perspective

There is always a remainder in the equation. Something left over that needs a home. Many of our current systems have glossed over this truth. While many work to improve the efficiency of systems, not enough is being done to bring balance.

Animals, nature, human beings are being marginalized as they become the living manifestation of the forgotten remainders. The idea of waste is a concept that is known only to humankind.

The remainders, leftovers, or waste products are vital to the health of the entire system. Just because they are tucked away does not mean that they are gone. Just because the houseless live in the shadows does not mean they do not exist. The landfill sites outside of town behind a hill and fence, but you can still smell it.

I’m not here to beat you down with negative messaging or dark visions. I am actually here to offer a bright and glorious future vision.

The new perspective is that, from the ground up, there is no such thing as ‘waste’.
All matter of thought and expression is divine and can be treated as such.
If a product or system is created that does not make use and value it’s components, then that system must be reconsidered.

On an emotional and spiritual level, this is the purest act of forgiveness. Knowing that no venture or challenge has been taken in vain, and that all matter of presence and life is truly in it’s perfect place.

This is not an excusing or an enabling of toxic patterns, quite the contrary. It is the moment when you divest your energy from these patterns and accept their existence. From this point, you can approach all things with a refreshed and vital outlook.

Forgiveness and acceptance is when the difficulty ends! We know that fighting just brings more fighting. We can be punitive towards the previous self that knew not what they did, but to what end? The scars of our choices are heavy burdens, we need not pick at the wound.

A Prayer to the Past

I wouldn’t be here without all of the previous experiences.
I cannot change the past.
I choose, right here, in the moment, to wave my white flag of surrender.
I will no longer battle with my past, I accept you for what you have been.
I take with me the lessons I’ll need and the memories I cherish.
I thank you for traveling with me, but now I bid you adieu.
So long, farewell, you were beautiful and I love you.


So as you dance forward, with the pain and the joy, remember that this is what being reborn feels like. There is grief, and behind those doors, there is a blooming garden. Some of the seeds being planted aren’t even for you, and isn’t that lovely.

No matter what you attempt to hold onto, you will only ever bring your truest self.


James is a compassionate and mystical healer.
Sessions are a chance to be seen like never before.
To be reflected with insight, lightheartedness, and support.

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