More than we ever needed

Do you ever consider what things were like just a few hundred years ago? Like how being able to eat chocolate or cheese or drink wine would have been such an indescribably wonderful experience.

Hot running water unfathomable.
Traveling across oceans would have been a potentially deadly journey, one that you maybe couldn’t take in the other direction.

Every little snack and access to metals and minerals was a magical experience.

I mean, it still is all magical, we just happen to be inundated with even more incredible advances.

We never needed all these technologies and options. It’s likely that there are spices in your pantry that years ago people fought wars over.

It’s nice to have all these things, but what really matters? What is really necessary?

Spend some time outside with just some water and your soul. There is a whole world of gratitude we miss in the maelstrom of modernity.

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