Sun Sign Astrology is Lacking

Planetary Aspects and Sun Signs
What is important in the chart?

The core of astrological influence is scientific, it is mathematical, it is gravitational and vibrational. The aspects between planets are specific angles that encourage, direct, blend or restrict the flow of these energies. The planets themselves are the key players. Their relative locations within the zodiac is, in some ways, simply a specific veil or costume they don. The actor is Jupiter, and Jupiter can play a different role in a different setting/sign. Nonetheless, it’s still Jupiter. I would argue, as a practicing astrologer, that the sign is of far lesser importance than the aspects formed to sed planet.

That is not to say that they have no meaning at all, quite the contrary. I would, in the interpretation of a chart, always look first to the longitudinal and declination aspects, retrogrades and progressions before considering the overall impact of the signs.In the western world far too much of an emphasis on the placement of the Sun. The Sun is important, and the sign it was in when you were born will indeed influence the expression of your personality and ego based ventures. This is not the whole story or, in my humble opinion, even the most important part of the story.

Any planet could be the most powerful point in the chart, including the Sun (not technically a planet). This could be Mercury, it could be Venus, it could be the Moon. That is to be determined through thorough exploration and interpretation of the natal chart.

It has taken me over ten years of practicing astrology to come to these considerations. I have learned, through working with clients, that the most important points in the chart are the progression points that are waiting to unfold at 5, 10, 55 or some point in life. Time and time again, I just keep seeing that the signs are not the lifeblood of the chart and it’s expression.

To add to this, signs are archetypes and can be a bit of a rabbit whole and mystery in and of themselves. While this is natural to the expression of any psycho spiritual understanding, it can water down the juice that comes through for the individual or client.

FInally, and I digress for now, I do not support the identification with the chart. At times I cringe to hear the words “I am a (insert sun sign here)”. Okay, I know the cosmos are really big and influential right? But so are you, so is your every thought. Instead, I recommend reframing to “The Sun was in (insert sign here) when I was born”. Words have power, and to limit one’s identity, even in jest, to the ‘sign’ (which potentially isn’t even astronomically accurate #sidereal) is a poor use of the power of your independence and the power of your words.

You are potentially just as strongly influenced by your Venus or Mars placement. Maybe that Saturn parallel Mars is the reason that you are stubborn, not the Sun transiting Taurus 😉 Just one example, and trust me your chart contains many.Hope this opened your mind a bit. If you are interested in my interpretation of your chart, check out my work here…

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