Autonomy as the road to connection

No degree or qualification makes you the authority on another person…
Flip this around…
No degree or qualification makes anyone the authority over you…

Your health, your mind, your body, your spirit, your connection to god and all that is holy and unholy… that’s up to you 🌈

Live your life and give space to those around you. The world is a meeting place between billions of sentient humans.

It won’t always work out for you perfectly. It will work a little bit for you, little bit for me, little bit for somebody else.

When we are driven to dominate and control, we smash the whole beautiful web of perfection meeting itself at a crossroads.

We speak different languages. We see through different eyes. We hear through different ears.

Of course we will have different senses of what is right, wrong, and beautiful.

When we allow others to do this and trust the instinct within ourselves, an underlying current of connectivity rises to the surface and shows us just what is important to all of us.

We won’t all agree on everything, but there are certain consensus that can and will arise when we respect each other.

Thank you for trusting yourself, setting boundaries, and keeping your heart open. I trust you to find your way 🌈

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