Thee Awakening Kings and Queens

I see your grace and beauty

More and more of humanity waking up to the power of natural healing, astrology, energy medicine.We are returning to the Earth and the magic of a planetary body that fosters our life. Technological advancements that seek to diminish the power of the spirit or the natural world are not advancements… they are degradation of something powerful into something profitable or ego feeding.

Technological advancement can easily go hand in hand with the cycles of the Earth and the planets. Don’t be fooled by claims that express the ‘dire straits’ of the human condition.

Things get rough, yes, but that is just a reminder for us to turn the corner. Most humans agree that the systems of our planet should work in concert with the Earth itself. It is only a few who profit and benefit from the destruction of the ecosystem that drive the insane narrative that we need more advancement and more ‘control of resources’ to make it through.

The recent years that were so difficult for many were a lesson in who you can trust.
1. If you can’t trust yourself, you’ll fall for any sales tactic.
2. If you trust others more than yourself, then someone using fear or emotion can knock you off center and convince you of a specific reality that aligns you with their end game.
3. If you trust yourself more than others, but are willing to listen, you will find truth in all approaches, but hold none higher than your own truth.

The lessons have played out on numerous levels but with some very obvious and ubiquitous ‘optional’ interventions.

No one has done anything wrong here, we are all just learning. The carousel of health scares and subsequent ‘quick fixes’ can be abandoned at any time. Some people chose to never ride it in the first place. You can just stop trying to fix something that was never a problem. Trust your body, you are wiser and more powerful than you know.

This, my friends, is how we all awaken. Through trial and triumph.

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