Let it out and let others let it out

The most dangerous issues are the ones that we don’t talk about. The moment we open up to express authentically, solutions begin to manifest.
That which festers in the shadows has no connection to such divine wisdom.

If you cut people off before they can share, you are missing the point. We need to get some things out (some ugly monsters) before we can figure out solutions.

Hypersensitivity to the expressions of others is more and more common these days. I understand that human beings get offended by words, it happens to me too! Hear me on this… if there isn’t room to express, these offensive musings fester and ferment in the darkness until they inevitably express themselves in more dubious ways than an offensive statement.

Get your shit out! We all have it! Once it is out in the open, we can address it in a way that is socially safe and acceptable.

I loathe the shaming of any way of being, it is counterproductive and pushes the expression of being into the unconscious realms where it will poison the collective well.

Address others as divine beings walking a narrow path to purified mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

You aren’t on earth because you have been getting everything right in your previous lives… you are here to learn. We learn from mistakes. Don’t rob people of soul growth, don’t rob yourself of soul growth.

Express and share your journey and trials. Leave room for others to do the same.

You’d be surprised how much you have in common with every person on this planet.

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