Mars and Saturn :: April 4th 2022

‘You can’t do that!, well, at least very easily’

What do you do when you can’t do what you want?

Is there a place in you that you escape to?
A dream and fantasy world where you are half present with those duties and more in the place of imaginings.
Or do you take on a dutiful and disciplined role, trying to be the working Buddha. A space where your actions and repetitions become divinity.

Does it bring up deeper questions about the nature of existence?

Why are we here? Maybe the desire body isn’t important as I thought. Perhaps there is something bigger than ‘what’ I do. Maybe it is in how I do it or who I do it with or without.
Is life on earth just a holding cell for my souls revival. Tired of buzzing around the galaxy and needed to just fold some bed sheets or sweep a floor for a while.

When you have to just do things to get by, does it make you angry?

Do you just build with resentment and rage waiting for the opportunity to leave that job and have a drink? Secretly loathing the ‘boss’ or ‘establishment’ as we people please for pittance of a paycheck.
There are so many different versions of reality and none of them are wrong or right.

For each individual, we have the free will to experience our life as we choose. When the going is good and easy, we are less likely to ask deeper questions. Some of us still do, investigative spirits we are, maybe even a little bored without adventure or controversy.

With the state of the world for many, the desire body needs are a challenge to fulfill. We can expect escapism, rage, but also fabulous and fascinating new technologies, art, and systemic solutions.

The Saturn / Mars conjunction is exact today at 7pm pacific. Tomorrow morning 4/5/22 Venus changes signs into tropical Pisces.

The intensity and electric energy of today will flood out into the emotional and fantasy realms by tomorrow afternoon. Today the head may ache without freedom and space, be strong and move steadily towards goals. Tomorrow the cosmos open and there is more room to express and feel the bigger feelings.

Actions taken for self with others being considered. Yes! Take care of you and be considerate. You know what is right.

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