The Moon helps us See

Living in the Mystery
The moon helps us discover
What are you seeing?

Around the peaks (full) and valleys (new) of the lunations (moon cycles) the lessons either become loud and clear (full moon) or calm and perceivable (new moon)

Either way, it is always a powerful time to take stock of what the universe in teaching you. Extra emphasis must be given to the fact that what others do and say ‘is not personal’.

Offense taken and finger pointing is an attempt to foster blind spots and avoid personal responsibity.

Don’t take life so seriously. Just listen and pay attention.

The more we can detach from the messenger, the better. All messages received through your personal filter are designed for you, by you. The quicker you figure that out, the easier all of your lessons become.

We can’t have something in our vibratory field unless we can embody it. We can’t embody it unless we know it, we have been it, or we are it.

Keep this in mind. Walk with the confidence of the universe exploring itself. Don’t step on the baby plants and don’t cut down the wise trees, they are all you!

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