Moon in the Dreamworld! :: March 30th

Wednesday March 30th 2022
This is what dreams are made of…Moon in between Jupiter and Neptune for 6 hours right in the middle of this day! Overnight we will find ourselves leaning into the somber yet active energy of the new moon. (tune into my video tomorrow to get the full download on that LINK HERE

For today, let us get big and strong and dream!

Not everything is realistic, right? But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider them, feel them, imagine them. If anything, when the world around us seems dull and lacking, we should delve wholeheartedly into the sea of ‘yet-to-manifest’ ways of being.

Fun and joy should be the norm! Love and hugs should rain down upon me! Hope is not a coping mechanism, but a light that never dims, leading us forward into a magical future.In order to open up to these potentials, we might have to get a little weird. Be a comedian, make a joke, don’t take it too seriously! If we invest too much in the struggle, we will be entrenched in the struggle pit, doing our best to swim out of the sulphurous pool of despair.

Watch where you put your energy! Basically, you have choices at every moment, what are you choosing? Is it good? Is it crap? Is it boring? Well, then that’s what you get 😉 Give yourself a break wherever you can today and dream dream dream a little dream. Even in the darkest situations, people can find love, find god, find salvation and support.

Lift yourself up from the depths and fly for a bit, enjoy, take pictures ❤

((Photo is from a trip to Belize years ago, I did little other than lie in a hammock and eat fruit for a week))

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