Neptune sextile/trine Nodal Axis

Neptune sextile/trine nodes

Activated March 10th – April 2nd 2022

Supported by the sextile of the north node, the unseen and collective are being propelled forward. No growth comes without discomfort, so that is a good sign. We grow by expanding and that doesn’t feel so great.

The trine to the South Node easily expresses old patterning and ways of doing things. Wherever you look you’ll see it on display. That’s okay, these are reminders of what doesn’t work. Things you don’t need. Sometimes a NO helps us know what our YES is.

If we jump in the right stream of consciousness, we will be pulled forward by the river of awakening. Maintain a lane of divine focus, you are a soul exploring life, and you are loved.

If we stay in the past, we may be mired in lower vibrational states like frustration and inefficacy, anger and self pity. That’s okay, but notice it. Observe how this feels and how it serves or doesn’t serve you. Really own it. Once we accept it, we can do something about it.

Some things were set in motion a long time ago. So even if we are actively working on changing, there are still karmic reverberations from previous actions and choices.

Things will calm down, hold your ground, keep a steady hand and steady focus. You got this!

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