Oh the humanity

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

As the moon transited Mars, a man gets embarrassed… What was that!?

Watch a breakdown of it here…

In general, when a lot of people know about or witness something, it’s important whether we like it or not. It spurs conversation and creates opportunities for discussing deeper issues in the collective.

Men taking the stage in Hollywood … how shocking that there was disrespect towards women and violence? Wow…

The most cringeworthy part of that entire situation for me is watching Will Smith laugh at the joke and then pretend to be a hero. In my estimation he is an unstable and insecure man. Could you hear his weak crying as he yelled. Could you see him trying to pretend Jada couldn’t handle her own feelings? She is a powerful being, capable of protecting herself and energy. Will needing to act out and take all of the attention, to me, is nonsense.

Will is Clinging to a toxic sense of masculinity. ‘My wife’… that was childish Will, you don’t own her and she certainly doesn’t need you to make a big scene. There are plenty of times when the physically defenseless need to be protected. Women and children and men and LGBTQ people around the world could use physical protection at times. This wasn’t one of those, this was Will crying out for help. It’s a bitch move to hit someone, you need to seek a therapist. Maybe he is relying too much on these medicine circles.

Many sides to each story, I bet it feels good for many women to see a crude joke about a woman be met with a slap in the face. I can imagine that a woman or subjugated minority in America would love to see more gross comments end in face slaps. That’s a primal desire, I think we all have it. In our society, however, stepping onto a stage and hitting someone, whether open or closed hands, is I’m pretty sure illegal. Sticks and stones right? Very interesting indeed…

Personally I think it’s pretty badass for a woman generally considered to be a beauty icon to talk publicly about her struggles with alopecia! That’s power, that’s influence, that brings healing. This is only going to draw attention to the condition and normalize discussing these vulnerable topics.

On a bigger scale it’s a call to Hollywood and those who pay attention that these ‘stars’ are real people. Everyday, whether it’s a president or it’s a millionaire actor, these are just people. People have emotions, people get their feelings hurt. Just because they are in positions of influence doesn’t mean they are any different from you or me… on any level. They still have to eat, drink, eliminate. They still have to deal with insecurety, grief, confusion, not too mention the effect of collective and individual trials (you know the ones that make you wanna disappear into the woods and never come back.) They still have to manage inner demons, relationships, children, and love.

At the same time, these people are glorified and deified for ‘pretending’/acting. Wow, how incredible? You can pretend to be someone else really well. How is that a high position in our society? Because it’s marketed to you that way… I’m more interested in glorifying those who protect land and clean water. Those who grow food and love animals. If anyone should be, those should be the people on pedestals in our society, they actually matter to the health of the collective regardless of whether we pay attention to them.

Hollywood is toxic and comedy in general is self and other depracating, mostly garbage. Cynical and sneaky. Dark and ugly. Those who are well known in the big screen are chopped up into tiny bits by the incessant critical nature of the bloodthirsty media and immature audiences.

Chris is an example of this garbage driven low brow comedy. Jokes about a women’s suffering are no different than fart jokes. ‘Derr ha ha you are losing your hair!’ Like cmon bro that is so dumb. Ironically, Will laughed at it, as I mentioned.

I believe there is incredible nuance to all situations. I speak my inner dialogue and don’t expect to be right. These public and popular expressions create dialogue and deeper thought in the collective. Consider the butterfly effect.

Will did play Ali? Right?
“Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee”
How does Will’s BUTTERFLY wing EFFECT the collective?

That remains to be seen. Thanks for reading. 🦋🐝

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